Candid chat with Dalljiet Kaur on Bigg Boss 13

Why do we still compare a woman’s character with her attire, asks Dalljiet Kaur  

Yesterday, Kanta Laga girl Shefali Jariwala had created an online storm when she questioned fellow Bigg Boss 13 contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s bahu turned babe image, saying one does not simply become a babe by wearing short clothes.

Other TV bahu Dalljiet Kaur, who was eliminated in week 2 from this big ticket Colors reality show, says, “I don’t know how to react to this statement which is so off base. For the love of God, I can’t understand why we still compare a woman’s character with her attire. Can’t a good mother wear a bikini? By the same token, not all sari-clad behenjis are really good wives/mothers,” says Dalljiet, who was eliminated along with Koena Mitra.

“The only thing that counts is you should be able to carry off whatever you wear with confidence. And yes, it should suit your body type. If an 80 kg lady wears an itsy bitsy dress, it won’t look cool.”

“Coming to my case, since I have shed a lot of weight, I think I am in prefect shape to adorn a bikini. I will not hold back, just because I am Jaydon’s mom.”

“It is good to see other TV bahus also, showing their glamorous side setting the stage for sanskaari women looking desirable on screen.”

Point out that a section of the audience may take offence to the TV bahu’s modern image, and she says, “Well, I think we can safely ignore such people who don’t want to evolve with time. Give them time

One day, seeing how good their bahus and betis look, even they will come around.”

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