Most TV content only adds to the viewer’s tension: Kanchan Gupta

Kanchan Gupta talks about her character in Star Bharat’s Kya Haal, Mister Paanchal and on the content available on TV.

Most TV content only adds to the viewer’s tension: Kanchan Gupta

Never become over greedy. This is one lesson, talented actor Kanchan Gupta’s character is learning the hard way, in popular Star Bharat sitcom, Kya Haal, Mr. Paanchal?

Like most real-life mothers-in-law, she too regards her son as a knight in shining armour, and therefore desires a daughter-in-law with no flaws. Unfortunately, that is not possible and poor Kanhaiya (Maninder Singh) has to be bear of consequences of wedding 5 women at the same time. Lord Bholenath, played by Kushal Punjabi, teaches me that you need to judge people on their merits alone, as no one is perfect.”

“The best part of our show is that it very light-hearted. I really don’t think most families see nanad-bhabhi conspiracies as hatched on TV. Such content only adds to the tension of the viewers. In our case, no one is bad. Just come for a few laughs and go back entertained,” says the actress.

She also does not think this show will spread wrong values. “Rather, it is helping other m-i-ls to be more accepting of their daughters-in-law, not wanting to fall in my character’s rut (smiles). Even the ladies in my family have tempered the expectations about their future daughter-in-law”, says this mother of a female child.

Point out that there is not much scope for women of her age beyond playing mother or mother-in-law on TV, and she says, “Yes, but things are now changing, and writers are penning interesting characters, especially in films and web series. The real change in TV will only come when the audience wants it, and that can’t happen in a day,” says Kanchan, who has earlier done a Doordarshan show.

She was noticed for her character of Kasturi, in Satrangi Sasural. “I really wept a lot, given the domestic violence backdrop.”

Looking ahead, she would not mind doing bold characters on the web. “I don’t mind talking about sex, as long as it is justified by the script,” she ends.

Way to go, Kanchan!!


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