Bhanu Uday feels that TV is the best training ground for an actor. Read to know why...

TV is one medium which never stops teaching, if you are open to learning: Bhanu Uday

When you speak to most TV actors, they all crib about their medium. However, Bhanu Uday, who is doing Star Bharat’s Saam Daam Dand Bhed, see it like a whiff of fresh air.

“I feel TV is the best training ground for any actor. For unlike films, where your character has a set graph, here you mimic life, which is always unpredictable. The ability to change your perspective only hones your acting skills. Like, I did not know that Vijay’s best friend (in Saam Daam) will change sides; hence, we played the bonding accordingly. And then naturally played the breaking away part as well,” says Bhanu, who has done shows such as Special Squad, Hamari Sister Didi, Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai etc.

“Also, it is wrong to say that films are the epitome of creativity. Have we not seen several films which were way below average, and many TV shows that have displayed cinematic brilliance?” he questions.

“I have learnt a lot from my long, small-screen stint, which you will surely see me using in good stead in films, down the road,” states Bhanu who has earlier done flicks (Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai and Dhokha) that had not worked big time.

Here, Bhanu advises his younger brother, who is becoming a director, to try to imbibe the unpredictability and ‘keep everyone on their toes’ mantra of TV. “I also hope that films stop take every scene so seriously, as that is not conducive to good work. In life, things happen in flow. This is not possible in TV, given the long working hours.”

What about the normal actor’s grouse that TV content is not creative? “Rather than thinking about it, I have a different take. Every day, I go to the set, where I have to laugh, cry and get angry, all in one day. In a way, I get to practice all the nav-ras of acting. I try to learn every day. TV is one medium which never stops teaching, if you are open to learning.”

In closing, we point out that things would be better if other TV actors also thought like him. “Well, that is not possible, for it is this a very different approach that separates me from the rest.”

Nicely put, Bhanu!!

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