TV viewers need more time to understand the ‘real’ characters onscreen – Kanupriya Pandit

Kanupriya Pandit who has won our hearts with her motherly role in &TV’s Half Marriage, gets into a conversation.

TV viewers need more time to understand the ‘real’ characters onscreen – Kanupriya Pandit

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya fame Kanupriya Pandit is happy at the same time tad bit disappointed with her journey of being part of the &TV show, Half Marriage.

Says Kanupriya, “My journey with the show has been very nice. I have personally enjoyed the scenes that have been built for me in the show. I look forward to a day with the team. Kavita Barjatya Productions is a very good team to work with. They are sorted, humble and focussed in their work. Even the co-actors are very good. But yes, when we talk about numbers and TRPs, I seriously lack the understanding of it. I have started to realize that either the TV viewing audience gets to watch TV maybe post 8 PM, or the viewers need bit of time to understand the real characters on screen. My character mostly appears without make-up in the show and I am happy with it. She’s been a woman in grief and is so simple, so where will she put make-up? My journey with the show has been really nice. Yes, talks keep happening on the set that for the effort we put in, the numbers are not showing up. But I always pep up my co-actors. In fact if you ask me, this role has made me ready for my next film. The layers and power with which I have played this role give me lot of creative satisfaction. But I will take time to understand the logic behind the rating system.”

“The two lead actors on the show Tarun Mahilani and Priyanka Purohit have literally put their heart, mind and soul into this show. They are very hard-working and talented too. At times, when I see their sad faces owing to the TRP not rising, I feel bad. But thanks to the Producers for trying out as much as they can. Also credit has to be given to the channel for using their sensibilities and giving our show the time to do well. If you see around, we have shows being dropped in just 2 months of airing. Considering all this, we are happy with our show’s run,” she adds.

Kanupriya who is a renowned theatre artist too feels that the channel should mostly take to more marketing ideas like showing a precap of what has happened in the show till now. “A ‘kahaani ab tak’ episode shown now and then would really boost the audiences’ memory.”

Giving a special mention to her onscreen son Tarun Mahilani, Kanupriya avers, “Tarun comes from the theatre background. And he is very good and is a thinking actor. We share a very good bond on and off the screen. Let me tell you one thing, despite not having very good TRPs, just the day before yesterday, we all were sitting with our Director and discussing how the scenes should be shot. That’s the level of commitment we have.”

On the tracks ahead, the actress says, “Few new characters have been introduced. All are trying their best. My character still has lot of scope to perform. So hopefully we turn it around in the near future.”

Kanupriya will feature in the next Tigmanshu Dhulia film, Milan Talkies.

The talented actress has heard lot of good vibes about the digital platform and will love to try out her luck on the web too.

Wish you luck, Kanupriya!!

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