Ashnoor Kaur who plays the lead in Sony TV’s Patiala Babes talks about her relationship with her real mom.

There is a two-way learning that happens between me and my mother: Ashnoot Kaur

Talented youngster Ashnoor Kaur looks really impressive as the bubbly, spirited Mini in Sony TV’s new offering, Patiala Babes produced by Rajita Sharma’s Katha Kottage Productions.

Patiala Babes is an ode to all mothers and depicts that the daughters can also be catalysts to their mother’s growth. In the show, Ashnoor as Mini helps her mother played by Paridhi Sharma to ease up and learn a lot of things.

Just like her onscreen persona, Ashnoor in real life is very close to her mother and opens out on anything and everything to her mother.

Says Ashnoor, “My mother and I bond really well. We are more like best friends rather than being like mother and daughter. She is always there when I need advice. The main reason for our closeness is that she has always been open about everything to me. That is one reason why I am very comfortable to share stuff with her. Parents of today should be supportive of their teenager kids. This will facilitate a free bond and kids will not hide anything from parents.”

On the two-way learning that happens between her and her mother she states, “We share best friends’ jokes with each other. There is a two-way learning that happens between us. While I teach her all the techno-savvy stuff, she shares all her experience with me. She instils values in me.”

Be blessed, Ashnoor!!

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