Kartikey Malviya thrilling underwater sequence for Sony Entertainment Television’s, Chandragupta Maurya

My underwater swimming skill helped to complete my sequence: Kartikey Malviya

An actor’s talent is often not restricted to just acting but they possess many other skills that become useful for their acting career. Be it dancing, acting or anyother talent, it’s pretty exciting to watch the actors performing it in real .

So when our little star, Kartikey Malviya had to do an underwater sequence for Sony Entertainment Television’s, Chandragupta Maurya, he agreed to it without a second thought. The actor is apparently good at underwater swimming and the entire sequence was shot very effortlessly.

 Kartikey Malviya said, “It was a very important sequence that we were shooting wherein Chandragupta is going underwater to find Dhananand’s treasure which is hidden under water. I know underwater swimming, hence I didn’t have to learn it. It was fun shooting for the sequence despite it being an intense one. When I entered in water, I had frozen for a while as the weather in Umbergaon is pretty cold and therefore the water was also very cold. Initially it was a little difficult but then my body got used to the temperature and I completed the entire shoot without any break. The sequence was shot over a period of two days and the production team had a doctor on stand-by just in case of anything. But fortunately, nothing happened and the shoot happened seamlessly. My swimming skills helped me perform such a tough sequence without any interruptions.”

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