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In conversation with Tina Philip, Aastha of Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee

Unlike my on-screen persona, I do believe in God: Tina Philip

Tina Philip, who made her acting debut as Aastha in Star Plus’ Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee, a show about a girl who questions religious beliefs and promotes the path to humanity to get closer to God, is blessed to be living her dream of acting with the show.

The talented girl quit her job as Chartered Accountant to pursue her dream of becoming an actor. After several auditions, she finally bagged a big break with the daily.

In conversation with IndianWikiMedia, Tina spoke about her show, acting career and more…

How did you bag this show?

I have lived in Manchester (UK) for 20 years with my family. I always wanted to become an actress. My passion for it brought me to Mumbai. I auditioned for a Yash Raj film but was disheartened when it didn’t work out. I gave an audition for this show too after which I had to go through a few mock shoots too. Then I did a pilot shoot a year and a half ago with a co-actor. In Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi, my character Aastha believes in the goodness of the heart over religious norms and rituals. She believes in serving humanity to please God. I am similar in some aspects to Aastha. I also believe that by doing good deeds, one can help humanity more.

You were initially not accepted post the pilot. Later you were again called for it. So can you tell us about this mystery?

Well, I did the pilot long back. Later, I thought they were replacing me as when I reached the audition spot, I saw a girl giving audition for Aastha’s role and she was reading the same script. I was wondering why she is giving audition for Aastha’s role. However, I spoke to my producer and they convinced me that I am the lead of the show.

How has the TV industry changed your life?

It has not really changed my life. It is just the routine that has changed. I am very practical in life. I would now start staying in Mumbai, as I have learnt a lot. I have learnt to do my work and manage money too. It was really difficult to convince my parents as I had to stay alone in Mumbai. There were very particular that I complete my education. All my cousins are from IIT and IIM, so I had to at least study chartered accountancy. I don’t have relatives in Mumbai, so my parents were concerned about my safety. My mom would often tell me that people come abroad to work and you are doing exactly the opposite. I feel when you desire for something you can achieve it with your hard work.  I feel Mumbai is a very welcoming city. People here help you without any condition.

Did you know any of your co-stars before joining the show?

No, I used to watch Bollywood movies but have never watched a TV show. So I had no idea about them. However, now, we have become good friends. We often go out for parties and enjoy during our free time.

How did you prepare for your role?

I have done theatre, acted and written plays in Manchester; so that really helped me in my foundation as an actor in Indian TV. We had workshops and apart from that I had to learn yoga.  I watched videos on You Tube and learnt yoga.

How is Tina similar to Aastha?

I am similar in some aspects to Aastha. I also believe that by doing good deeds, one can help humanity more. But I am not as good as Aastha is. She is a good human being. Unlike Aastha, I believe in all Gods. I have been to all the temples and devotional places. I feel God is one; the paths are made different with various religions.

What do you do in your free time?

I love playing chess. I read and sing as well. I keep singing on the sets, but I am a bathroom singer.

Who is the real Tina Philip?

I love meeting new people. I am a happy go lucky girl. I am a very calm person. I am sensitive and emotional too. This industry has made me glamorous. I am a geek in real time but it has changed me I guess (laughs).

Who is your favourite TV actress?

I really like Divyanka Tripathi. Although she is a big star, she is a very humble and down to earth person. I saw her at the award function wherein she was asked for her pass at the gate. She politely replied yes and showed them the pass. She did not get hyper stating that she is big star on TV. Later, I also watched her show.

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