Utkarsha Naik ‘elated’ with the new turnaround in character in &TV’s SiddhiVinayak

Utkarsha Naik’s character has all of a sudden turned negative in the & show.

Utkarsha Naik ‘elated’ with the new turnaround in character in &TV’s SiddhiVinayak

Senior and versatile actress Utkarsha Naik who essays the role of Manjiri, mother of Vin in &TV’s SiddhiVinayak (Studio B&M) has emerged as the mastermind behind the entire fiasco that happened in the life of Vin (Nitin Goswami).

From being the loving and caring mother and housewife, to being the most notorious and evil-minded character who does not think twice to kill her own son, the character of Manjiri has turned completely in the last few episodes.

Utkarsha who enjoys accepting new challenges as an actor says, “I am thoroughly enjoying this turnaround in my character. I have played negative before, but all that has been so upright and upfront. This character has a different gravity to it in terms of the kind of woman she is. She has her reasons for whatever she has been doing. She’s a woman of substance – she is classy, wife of a successful Producer, belongs to the elite family and is well-dressed. So there is a balance to all of it.”

Utkarsha confides that she was not aware of this major twist in her character till the time Producer Prashant Bhatt narrated it to her few days back. “I was taken aback when Prashant told me that Manjiri is the master mind behind all the attacks on Vin. I enjoyed the twist and Prashant told me that he looked forward to such a shocking reaction from the public too. There is a back story which is still a mystery as to why Manjiri wants Vin to be dead.”

The actress says that she found it a bit tough initially to get negative as Manjiri. “The character has been poles apart from what she has been revealed to be now. She was a doting mother and could do anything and everything for her son Vin,” she avers.

Exuding confidence, Utkarsha states, “I am confident of pulling it off well. I want to give this evil-minded Manjiri a new presentation in terms of look and behaviour. As I told you, this is the first time I am playing such a negative role. So I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.”

Utkarsha, we are sure you will do a swell job!!

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