Nibedita Pal talks about her close friend Priyank’s very shocking strategy inside the Bigg Boss house.

As a viewer, I am not enjoying Priyank’s game plan in Bigg Boss: Nibedita Pal

MTV Splitsvilla girl Nibedita Pal feels that her good friend Priyank Sharma’s strategy in popular reality show Bigg Boss on Colors won’t help him to move forward in the game.

Talking about it, she said, “I am watching him on and off in Bigg Boss. This season is crazy. Priyank is a friend, so I will always support him. But I think he has taken a different approach in this game. As a viewer, I am not okay with his strategy. I don’t know about his game plan. I just hope that he doesn’t spoil his relationship with the people who were close to him outside the house for just a show.

When asked Nibedita about Priyank and Divya’s relationship, she averred, “As of now, it is quite known to everyone that Priyank and Divya are not together. They were dating in the show but were not in a serious relationship. They were just seeing each other. They must have seen difference after coming out of the villa. As after you are out, you get to know a person’s real personality. I don’t know what happened between them, but I think things didn’t work out the way they wanted.”

Nibedita felt that Priyank- Divya did not support her in MTV Splistvilla. “I was always there for both of them. It was not only me but also Priyank’s decision to go in front of the oracle. When he was committing to it, he should have thought about it. He was my ideal match but he was emotionally attached to Divya and I was okay with it. Now, when it was time to support me, I needed him to be there with me. It was very upsetting that Divya called me selfish and Priyank didn’t support me.”

Nicely said, Nibedita!!


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