Candid chat with Shubhangi Latkar

Viewers will stand for Thaku Maa and her ethics in Yeh Teri Galiyan: Shubhangi Latkar

Senior actress Shubhangi Latkar, who has done challenging roles in TV shows Sanyukt, Ishq Ka Rang Safed etc is now seen in a very different avatar in Zee TV’s newest offering, Yeh Teri Galliyan produced by Cinevistaas Ltd.

Shubhangi essays the role of Thaku Maa, the sophisticated lady who owns the brothel area in Sonagachi.

Though her family friends and well-wishers find this role of hers to be different, for Shubhangi, this role is not something new.

Says Shubhangi, “Nearly 20 years back, I had done a play for Vijay Tendulkarji, titled ‘Ratr’ wherein I played a prostitute. I had even won a gold medal as reward for the portrayal.  So having this at the back of my mind, this role of Thaku Maa came easily to me. However, people say that I have a typical motherly look and find this role to be different.”

“I am giving my best shot, and Thaku Maa is differently etched, as she is classy, sophisticated and is a businessman. Even thought she is into such a field, she has her own ethics and policies which she strictly follows. She has a positive aura around her, and this makes her good enough. In fact, viewers will stand for her in the coming days when her character will open up. She wants her daughter to take the mantle of running this business after her. The lady has gone through many incidents in her life, so hates love. She feels that love can never blossom in Sonagachi,” says Shubhangi.

Shubhangi who recently went to Sonagachi and interacted with the real prostitutes in the area tells us, “Yes, I clicked pictures with them. They are very dignified and very sophisticated. That is where I get my sophistication from.”

Shubhangi has never eaten pan in real life. However, she now consumes nearly 5-6 pans daily for her scenes. “I need my scenes to be perfect and my mouth to shoe the required redness and reality. I had never eaten pan till now, but I now have made it into a habit. It actually affects my system as I am not used to eating them. But I can do it for a show and for the perfection of the scene.”

Way to go, Shubhangi!!

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