I wanted to be part of Kaal Bhairav - Rahasya till the end – Niveen A Ramani

Niveen A Ramani talks about him missing the Star Bharat show post the exit of his character.

I wanted to be part of Kaal Bhairav – Rahasya till the end – Niveen A Ramani

Actor Niveen A Ramani is very much happy that he got the privilege of being part of a show like Kaal Bhairav – Rahasya (Ravi Gharani) on Star Bharat. And he found it tough to digest when he was told that his character, Anand will meet with his death in the social thriller series.

Yes, Niveen confides that he was sad as he would no longer be part of the show.

Says Niveen, “I did not want to die as it would take away the great time I was spending shooting with such an awesome cast. I will always remember this show, for it gave me a good experience in way of gaining knowledge. I got to learn from both my senior actors and actors of my age.”

For Niveen, the best part of the show was working with Director Vaibhav Singh. “I was amazed at the way Vaibhav Sir was keeping all the actors at ease while shooting the high-intensity scenes. I would love to work with him again, that too soon.”

The young lad is all the more gratified to his Director as he made the shoot easy for him when he not in the pink of his health. “In my last scene, I was actually having a sprained ankle. Hence he designed the scene such that it was easy for me to perform, even as he met the script requirements.”

Having said this, Niveen cannot get over the fact that he is not with the show anymore. “I so wanted to be part of the show till its end. I had a great bonding with everybody, even with the dogs Sam, Oscar, Sheru, who killed me in the end (smiles).”

Ask Niveen what he will miss the most from the set, and he is quick to point out, “I will miss Raj Premi’s sense of humour. He was the one who made us ROFL.”

Niveen, may you get back soon with yet another entertaining role!!

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