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Candid chat with Yesha Rughani 

I will not go nude for my grandmother’s sake: Yesha Rughani 

Fashion stylist turned actor, Yesha Rughani, currently seen in Star Bharat show, Musakaan, was disappointed with the recent Gurgaon mall episode where a middle-aged lady took offence at a young girl wearing shorts.

“Stop judging us by the length of our hems; rather view through our personalities and what we do. Clothes are made for us and not the other way around.”

But point out that society also hails a woman to be modern only if she starts showing skin and after makeovers, and she says, “There are many other transformations where a women does not shed clothes to look chic, for e.g, shorts-wearing Amrita Rao’s sari avatar in Main Hoon Na. Sadly these are not high-lighted in the media. I again repeat what I said above, it is not about the dress being short or long, but how you compile and carry it off.”

Talking about TV actresses doing dare-bare bikini shoots, she says, “Every woman has the prerogative to wear what she wants, so to each his own. Coming to me personally, I too have posted pics before I became known as a character who wears lehenga cholis and Anarkalis with tied hair, and will continue to do so. The only reason why I have not so far is that I have been too busy. For me, it is never about the type of garment, but about my frame of my mind at that particular moment.”

In closing, we ask Yesha about her views on desi web series. She says, “I have not seen much of them so far, to make an informed decision.” Ask upfront whether she would be game for nudity, kissing and making out scenes as the web format seems to call for, and she says, “I don’t think I would want to do anything that my family, especially my loving grandmother, would be unhappy with.”

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