Vaquar Sheikh who is part of Colors’ Vidya talks about the time slot change. Read here.

We will work double hard at 6.30 pm slot: Vaquar Sheikh

Vaquar Sheikh, the negative lead of Colors show Vidya is taking the time slot change to 6.30 pm in his stride. “These calls are made by the higher-ups after due consideration. And we artists just have to follow suit.”

He does accept that 6.30 PM is a very tough slot, “But then we will work double hard. I am hopeful of getting 0.8- 1 TVR on the back of a good story and a loyal fan base.”

When asked about the low ratings of the show at 7 pm, he says, “At one time we went up to 1.5 as well, but of late had tapered to 1.2. I still feel we are doing a decent job for other shows at the more lucrative slots are doing just 0.8.”

“Even at 7 pm, we did not get the funnel in, but yes, since Choti Sarrdaarni follows us, we got some ballast.”

“On a more personal note, I feel that Colors did not promote the show very well in smaller centres. Also, since we were part of the channel efforts to go back to the rural roots, an extra push was needed,” says Vaquar, who has been a part of the TV scene for two decades (Heena, Justajoo and Quabool Hai etc.)

Coming to his Vidya stint, he says, “I have enjoyed it. It was a challenge to essay a negative after a series of positive avatars, but then we actors love to push the envelope.”

“As far as I am concerned, Nanku Singh is not an antagonist, but an anti-hero, who, in his twisted way, can’t get as to why despite all his money and power, Vidya (Meera Deosthale) does not love him?”

Best of luck, Vaquar!!

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