Zee TV’s popular show Kaleerein has glued everyone to the TV screens with its interesting twists and turns and it’s only going to get more riveting as one of the most lavish weddings will soon unfold on TV screens.

The preparations are in full swing as Meera (Aditi Sharma) will get married for the second time in the show. However, the new twist is that this time the groom is Sunny (Manraj Singh). This time the wedding will take place with elaborate ceremonies, amidst song and dance. Recently, the crew of the show has started shooting for the wedding sequence, a major high-point in the upcoming storyline.

An excited Aditi Sharma shared, “We are extremely excited shooting the grand wedding celebrations and it almost feels like a real wedding. I love weddings. I love getting dressed up. This is the second time I have become a bride on-screen and I am wearing a red outfit. I personally love the red coloured bridal dress. The experience is surreal. Lavish decorations, grand functions, beautiful costumes, songs and elaborate sequences, everything is adding to the wedding fever on the sets.”

When asked whether she used to enjoy getting ready as a kid for weddings, she said, “I used to love going to weddings. I was also that curious kid who wanted to know everything and was awake till the last phera. I used to sit beside the Panditji and understand how things are functioning. I also used to ask the Panditji about the rituals and why they are being performed. I am happy that I am passing this knowledge on this set. Here, I keep on telling people about different rituals like when should a bride wear the chooda, when is the right time to put kaleerein. I am like an encyclopaedia of wedding mantras and rituals.”

Aditi specially wore her personal kaleerein for her reel wedding. “I was really excited and voluntarily got on board for the preparations of the wedding sequence. I wanted me to look like a real bride and hence chose to wear my personal kaleerein which I bought once. They are the simple kaleerein, not an over-exaggerated one; hence it looks as authentic as possible,” averred the actress.

Aww!! So nice of you, Aditi!!