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Drama galore in Colors show

The curious case of missing Dadaji in Colors’ Belan Wali Bahu

Colors’ popular daily Belan Wali Bahu (Shoonya Square Productions) never fails to entertain audience with quirky comedy.

As seen so far, Jeetu (Sikandar Kharbanda) gets a call from Dadaji (Sudhir Pandey) and comes to know that he is in an old age home but he lies to everyone. He tells the family that Dadaji is kidnapped and he will rescue him. Jeetu does not know the old age home where Dadaji is staying so he lies to the family again, which makes Roopa (Krystle D’souza) suspicious.

Now, Roopa will come to know the truth and start calling every old age home to find Dadaji but would fail. Meanwhile, Suzie (Shraddha Jaiswal) will get a call from Dadaji and she would leave to visit him. Roopa will follow her but Suzie will learn about the same and would mislead her.

Later, Ladoo (Dheeraj Sarna) will think of a plan to get Dadaji back home. He will tell Roopa to record a video of Premnath (Mushtaq Khan) falling severely sick and send it to Suzie. However, Dadaji will come to know about their plan and refuse to come home.

The family will decide to get a man similar to Dadaji and record a video with him showcasing that they are happy with the new Dadaji. They would send it to Suzie and Dadaji will feel jealous watching it.

What will happen next? Will Dadaji return?

The actors were busy shooting for the show.

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