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Bigg Boss Goss: Stardust Editor Sumita Chakraborty talks to Romil Chaudhary

The heat is on as the race to the grand finale of India’s biggest and most sensational reality show Bigg Boss 13 is coming close…  Who will pip whom to the finishing line?  Which controversy pushed a contestant forward… the hits and flops of the season… Bigg Boss 12’s most gorgeous finalist and much sought after actor, Romil Chaudhary gives Stardust Editor Sumita Chakraborty the inside dope on what’s bubbling in the reality cauldron of the Bigg Boss 13 finale. Read on for all the goss, predictions & more on the Bigg Boss 13 finale…

Bigg Boss 13 has been a super volatile season peppered with umpteen number of masaledaar controversies, high voltage fights, vitriolic abuses and steamy scandals. …And the audience was glued to their fave show like never before.

That not only made it the most successful season in the history of Bigg Boss, smashing all previous records into smithereens, it also ensured that Bigg Boss 13 remained in the media spotlight throughout the season. With the Bigg Boss 13 finale now just ‘round the corner (after an extension of five weeks making the season the longest ever), everybody is talking about the race to the finishing line.

And who better than this super hot Bigg Boss finalist and talented actor to predict on who the top three winners would be? … His ‘on point’ tweets on Bigg Boss 13 has been the talk of the town winning him thousands of followers every single day, making him one of the top influencers and commentators on the scandals, controversies and happenings at the Bigg Boss house.

Voot calls him ‘their jamai’ and has got him thrice to talk about Bigg Boss 13 and its volatile housemates.

Bigg Boss 12 finalist and now celebrated actor, the hot ‘n’ happening Romil Chaudhary uses his sharp ‘mastermind’ grey cells to analyse who will pip whom to the finishing line.  Read on…

Your predictions on the top three and why?  

My top 3 would be Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaz Gill (Sana) and Asim Riaz. But the problem is that for some time, Asim is coming across negative. So now you really can’t say anything…  So number three could be anybody, but my personal faves are Asim, Sidharth and Sana but Aarti too can be in the Top 3.

Who are the biggest gamers of Bigg Boss 13, according to you? 

One is definitely Sidharth Shukla. ‘SidNaz’ is a trend, and and because of ‘SidNaz’, a lot of fans are supporting him. Sana too is doing the same. She’s of course a big flipper. She showcases herself as this mad girl who does things impulsively. That’s actually all hogwash. She knows what’s she’s doing and is a big game changer. Both Sid and Sana are big gamers and are playing the game excellently. Actually, the biggest gamer would be Bigg Boss himself (laughs). He’s doing his own thing like always to make the game interesting. Amongst the contestants, the third biggest gamer would be Rashmi. She’s played a marvellous game. Of course Bigg Boss had a hand in this too. They brought Arhaan Khan in and thanks to that she got a lot of sympathy. But she’s grabbed her opportunities given by Bigg Boss rather well.

Sid has been giving the necessary masala always. He’s played the game extremely well. He’s shown his aggression, his friendship, his hurt, his romantic side… every shade from the beginning. He had the entire show revolving around him

The ones who were flops. Who just couldn’t make the grade in Bigg Boss 13? 

Arhaan Khan, Vishal Aditya Singh, Shefali Zariwala… I thought she would be a solid player but no, she really didn’t do much. I’m actually very disappointed with Paras Chhabra. He had started so well. All the girls were after him and he was in the spotlight. He was playing selfishly but playing extremely well. But after becoming something like a Godfather cum protector to Mahira, he’s spoilt his game. Now what’s happened is that Mahira Sharma has become stronger than him.

Hindustani Bhau too was a flop. On Youtube he is a sensation and is so good… I expected so much from him but he didn’t do much in the house.  Another one would be Himanshi Khurana – I don’t even understand why they even brought her in the show. All she was doing was clearing her own image and going about telling everyone her own sad story which was such a bore. They brought her back again as Asim’s connection but all she did was mess up his game. Of course, they brought her as a loophole to mess up Asim’s image, and she did that extremely well.

The superhits of the season: 

Sidharth, Sana and Asim. Sid has been givin the necessary masala always. He’s played the game extremely well. He’s shown his aggression, his friendship, his hurt, his romantic side… every shade from the beginning. He had the entire show revolving around him. Second is Asim. He’s the new kid on the block from a very small town. He showed his smartness, his loyalty, his game… he impressed everybody. And Sana of course is mashallah entertainment ki dukaan. She got the audience addicted to her. She acted like a brat, spoke to the crows, got romantic with Sidharth and Paras. She is entertainment unlimited.

The controversies that changed the game… 

The first controversy would definitely be the Arhaan one… The big sensational breaking news of him being married and having a child sent Rashmi to the next level. She was nowhere in the reckoning but that controversy garnered her public sympathy which she milked extremely well. The next one would be Himanishi Khurana and Asim… I don’t know if she did this knowingly or was tutored. When she came in, Asim was going on ‘I love you’ like a love-sick puppy but Himanshi didn’t even react. It looked pathetic. Well, if the ploy was to push Asim out of the top three, hopefully the public is smart enough to realise it.

Top contenders and their strengths and weaknesses’…

Sidharth Shukla 

Strength: Loyalty. He also plays the game fearlessly without putting on a façade or mask.

Weakness: His voltage temper. He goes to another level when he’s angry.

Shehnaz Gill (Sana)

Strength: She’s an entertainer. She knows the pulse of the audience… what they enjoy.

Weakness: Sidharth Shukla. Her life now revolves around him.

Paras Chhabra

Strength: His calculating mind.

Weakness: Mahira Sharma. He mostly spoilt his game thanks to her. 

Mahira Sharma 

Strength: Paras

Weakness: When she opens her mouth, she has no clue what she actually says. So she gets her level down only because of her words.

Asim Riaz

Strength: His innocence. He’s a decent guy and that shows.

Weakness: His volatile temper. Just like Sid, he crosses all limits when he loses his temper like the time when he hurled abuses and said joota chaat le. Of course he regrets things later but by then it’s too late.

Rashmi Desai 

Strength: I have not looked at her too closely because I’ve never found her entertaining. But she’s somebody who has this knack of grabbing things and using it to her advantage. 

Weakness: If you criticise her, she gets so defensive that she just can’t get over it. This spoils her game.

Aarti Singh

Strength: Bigg Boss

Weakness: She takes things very seriously. The smallest things needle her and she goes on and on… Like she took something as an inane phrase like ‘fixed deposit’ to heart. She could have tackled this with a sense of humour or sarcastically and it would have helped her. But she created a hungama which was just not needed.

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