The ‘youngest’ Creative Director to have made it big, Nitin Dhall goes down memory lane to tell about his parents visualizing a dream life for him ever since he was a child!!

Creative Director Nitin Dhall Writes: Creativity means to give unique output in limited budget

The ‘growing up’ pattern and the kind of ‘upbringing’ an individual gets, actually sets the path for the future of an individual, is what is usually believed!!

In my case, this is exactly what happened, and the thought that my parents harboured when I was a child has actually made me the person I am today!!

At the age of 12, I remember my dad used to tell that my son will work in the entertainment industry. I was too young to understand that, but gradually I too started thinking about media. Having said this, I was always equally focussed on my studies. He used to keep the cutting of newspapers of media institutes, and used to tell me that I will make sure you get admission in the best institute possible.

Writers are the most important part who helps to generate the good content followed by the screenplay and dialogues.

Gradually my parents made my mind to work in the industry.  I have a joint family, so there was always a tough competition among all the children of the family. When I was in the 8th standard, I remember once my father asked me to close my books and asked me to come in his room and watch a movie. I used to crib a lot as I was always particular about my studies and my exams. But forcefully I had to watch and after the movie used to get over, my dad used to tell me how the sequence was shot… He used to teach me how to read the film, how to study it in various aspects like shot taking, dialogues etc. This was a practice made by him, which used to happen every week….

Later, I took admission in a film institute under my mother’s guidance. They both were the people who forced me to get into the industry. I completed my studies and after that I was sent to Mumbai for internship. After that my journey started with Sanjay Leela Bhansali Films, and today I am working for a high rating show. I feel proud to be part of the show.

I started working in 2012, with Sanjog Se Bani Sangini followed by Saraswatichandra… I worked on two shows as ACH, and then got promoted as the Creative Head on numerous shows… I have worked with very eminent directors like Arvind Babbal ji, Sameer Kulkarni ji, Suraj Rao ji and also learned a lot from the industry.

I believe that we need to keep a lot of patience and need to be calm and do lots of hard work. And whatever we deserve will surely come our way…

Also whenever any situation comes, one needs to handle it calmly instead of panicking, as it will help the mind to think in a better stead about the solution to the problem. I believe that every problem has a solution. When we work on the set daily, we have to face a new task especially when your show is doing well. People think just because the show is doing well, everything is sorted, but there are many things that need to be handled on a day-to-day basis. Daily there’s a new task and all depends on how you handle the situation and solve it.

It’s not easy to handle a show which is doing great. Every single team member is giving their best to make the show Number 1, from the writer to director to DOP to artists to editor to the spot boy. But yes, the main thing which is the soul of the show is its content and presentation.

Writers are the most important part who helps to generate the good content followed by the screenplay and dialogues. If the content is good, no one can stop the show from getting the ratings. If we have known faces along with good content, then it’s like icing on the cake.

I am very thankful to Balaji Telefilms that they have given me the opportunity to handle the show because of which I have got the chance to prove myself. I can see good changes as a growth in me. My boss Shalu Ma’am has helped me to know more things about this field. I have learnt that creativity doesn’t mean that we need to spend lots of money. Creativity means to give the unique output within the limited expenditure. Your mind should always be active and should have a solution of any problem instantly.

Before the Director says ACTION…. there’s lots of things to be done for which a creative is responsible. A creative has to give the clarity of the scene and the sequence to the director and to the performers. He has to give the clarity and narration to the art director, costume stylist and others. He has to sit with the editor on the edit table and also with the music director for the background scores.

And yes, in this journey there were many ups and downs that I faced. The biggest issue was the young age I was in, and the heavy-duty responsibility that I was given. Many people demotivated me saying that he’s a kid, and not the right one to handle the project. But this thought too motivated me to prove myself. Many people tried their best to divert my mind by hacking my social media account like Facebook. But I was calm and never diverted my mind and always focused on work. I always take everything in a positive way. Whatever happens, happens for a good reason for sure. And because of Facebook account hacking, I haven’t joined Facebook back since 2012 and it has helped me to focus on my work more and more.

I have seen growth in myself. I am working on few concepts and moving on the right path toward my goals with the guidance of my elder brother Aniruddh Dave. He’s the only one who has supported me in all situations and has guided me in every stage. And I wish that God should bless every one with a brother like him. I am happy that I am surrounded by positive souls around me who keep motivating me.

I am looking forward to working harder and smartly to achieve my goals with the correct guidance.

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