Let’s begin by stating that Haasil is stylish. It’s neat, classy and visually appealing. Its magnanimity and stellar starcast is a definite winner. Having said that, its execution does have certain loose ends, which, we have hope will be knit to perfection in upcoming episodes.

Thriller as a genre in GEC programming has ample room for improvisation and innovation. Intrigue has potential to draw audience in hordes, which Haasil can indeed achieve if the tempo and plot intensity is maintained throughout.

The show is Siddharth Malhotra’s baby project. The effort is an extension of his creative mind. Sony has shown heart and hunger (to push on) by backing the project.

Bollywood faces like Zayed Khan, Sheeba, Vatsal Sheth lend immediate connect, hence grabbing initial eyeballs. Returning audience will eventually depend on storytelling and performances, which are promising points in Haasil.

“Sir, kal who Sony mein naya show aya. Kya naam…haan Haasil. Woh Tarzan wala hero hai aur Zayed Khan. Entry mast tha. Picture waale hai, accha kaam to karenge hee…maza aya,” are the actual words of a city auto driver who this writer met during a usual workday (he fathomed the media connect by overhearing a phone conversation).

Real feedback of audience always weighs high, they are the ultimate decision makers. Kudos to team Alchemy and Sony to touch the right chord. The battle seems to have won…will the flag fly high till the end? Only time will tell.

Talking about the plot, on one side you have the rich Raichand clan controlling the levers of power. And on the other is the gutsy NGO girl Aanchal Shrivastava and her family. The personal assistant of Ranbir  Raichad  (Zayed Khan) is raped and later killed, all blame falls on the latter, but he claims innocence.

Zayed’s introductory scene is appealing to the core a la filmy style.  Vatsal Sheth plays the spoilt rich brat younger bro (Kabir) of Ranbir.

It seems Vatsal is typecast in the bad boy genre (remember Ek Hasina Thi). Sheeba (Mrs Raichand) as Ranbir and Kabir’s mother is a tad over the top. She cuts off the city’s electricity for a bit as a means to force the govt. to release Ranbir from custody.  The sight of the Police Commissioner crowing before the Raichands is a bit far-fetched.

Nikita Dutta plays her part with elan.  She knows how to play the game (getting CD of murder) and does not get scared of the Raichand power and pelf.  Her mother and brother are her support system and keep her motivated. The banter between the three brings much needed emotional relief to the narrative.  It is good to see a NGO lady beyond the usual sari and jhola look.

Ranbir’s character is etched well, he is much in control of things and does not lose his top.  He is not vice personified but does manipulate situations, making a killing in the market place.  Zayed is sure bringing his film experience to the table and is doing a fine job. He looks suave and attractive.

Vatsal, behind the façade of his innocent features, acts vile with conviction. After failing to bribe Aanchal,  he gets her arrested for dealing in cash. Interestingly, Ranbir gets her out on bail and she gets him arrested a second time.  His mannerism of playing with cigarette lighter add to his personality. The scene between the brothers are also interesting. Detailing is key and full marks to the makers on getting it right.

The audience is left wondering, who among the two brothers is really guilt. For there are certain clues which seem to indicate that Kabir pulled the above stunt to trap his elder brother.

The real fun will obviously unfold down the road when some kind of romantic triangle will pop up between the three. We will not be surprised if a girl will also come along in Aanchal’s brother’s life, adding to the drama.

The screenplay and execution is spot on. The channel has kept to its word of something classy as the promos indicated. Here, we would like to mention that the catchy promotional song sung by Shaan too clicked with the masses. Good marketing ploy, indeed.

Sony has pulled all stops, both Haasil and Ek Deewana Tha have lots of promise, hope the audiences warm up, for both need to fire to keep the channel’s momentum going post culmination of KBC.

IndianWikiMedia would rate Haasil 3.5 out of 5 stars.