Star Bharat’s show Jiji Maa makes for an average watch…

Love and ego are the leitmotif of most TV shows. Star Bharat has blended these two powerful emotions in its new show, Jiji Maa (Kinnnari and Jai Mehta).  This Jaipur based story traces the ‘not so unique conflict’ between rich and the poor.  On one side is Falguni (Tanvi Dogra), who epitomizes all the right values in the world. She has sacrificed her life for the welfare of her younger sister Niyati (Bhavika Sharma), who calls her Jiji Ma after untimely death of their mother. The childhood scene where they did not have money to buy kulfi, though done to death before, makes us contemplate on social inequities.

Furthermore, on the other side you have the influential family headed by Uttara Devi (Pallavi Pradhan). She is extremely proud, walks on anybody below her social status.  The scene where she spits the ladoo given by her factory workers was succinct enough to establish her character.

Her family includes good at heart husband Jayan (Rajev Paul) and two sons, one perfect Suyyash (Dishank Arora) and the other normal lost college guy Vidhan (Shubhashish Jha).

The conflict starts in quick time, creatives do not waste much time in establishing various characters for today’s audiences are not ready to wait. After putting her life on the line to make some money for Niyati’s college at the mandir, Falguni ends up antagonizing Uttara Devi by touching the roses which she was to exclusively adorn the idol.

And as the saying goes… when it rains it pours, Falguni again locks horns with Uttara in the crowded narrow by lanes of the walled Pink  City.  This time Uttara decides to wreak havoc and manages to get her thrown out of her stitching assignments.  But again, creative makes them meet one more time, Uttara in a fit of anger tears up a sari embroidered by Falguni which was being gifted to her.

But wait… how can a TV story be complete without romance? Suyyash falls head over heels for Falguni and is seen masquerading as a poor driver to win her heart.   Will something similar happen with Vidhan-  Niyati as well? Only time will tell.

Tanvi Dogra (Meri Sasu Ma) is doing a decent job as Falguni. She is successfully making us feel sad for her.  Bhavika, last seen in Parvarrish – Season 2, is getting better with each outing.

Pallavi Pradhan’s (Bahu Hamari Ranjikanth) is acting as the proudy   Uttara well.   It would have been better had the creative team given the liberty to underplay.  You always don’t need to be loud to get your point across.  Sadly, most TV shows follow the OTT mantra.

Dishank Arora is fine as the obedient Suyyash, though the scene where he offers his hand so that mother’s foot does not fall in muck, is far-fetched. Hope we get too see Dishank’s body as his character is supposed to be hard core fitness freak as well.  Utttara devi’s assistant, who is known artist (Rajesh Balwani) brings emotional relief. His wife is wicked and she wants her two daughters to trap Suyyash and Vidhan get a easy road to the good life.

Rajeev is portraying the helpless but loving husband of Uttara to the T.  He does what he can to keep peace at home.  Hope the twists and turns which come down the road are interesting and keep the viewers hooked.

Jiji Maa is a regular television staple diet…drama which has been experienced before. Give it a watch for some good performances. We would rate this effort 2 out of 5 stars.

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