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Review: Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai on Colors

Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, the mythological presentation coming from the stables of Swastik Productions for Colors is a visual treat. It is the perfect blend of mythology and extravagance in terms of its visual presentation.

The story begins with Parvati’s shocking premonition wherein she sees bloodshed all over, caused by the brutal war waged by her in a completely different ‘ferocious’ avatar. The very sight of blood and war brings tears into the eyes of Parvati and she is in complete disbelief of what she saw. Though Parvati goes to seek answers for it from Mahadev, his talk puts her more in thought of what is to come.

And what comes ahead spells trouble as the Gods of Swarglok are upset about the atrocities created by Shumbh and his brother Nishumbh, the demons. The reaction of Parvati to it, the thought-provoking words of Mahadev all lead up to Mahadev asking Parvati to find an answer and to find the lady she saw in her dreams, as only a lady (naari) can kill the two demon brothers.

This thought leads Parvati to Lord Vishnu who further tells her to seek answers about that lady within her.

Further, the conversation between Mahadev and Vishnu leads us to the fact that the men should take a back seat thus allowing the ladies to find the fighter in themselves. And this is what happens as soon, Parvati is pushed to a corner when she is humiliated and asked to come along to live a life with Shumbh.

The war that ensues between the demons and the Gods sees a lot of bloodshed and harm to the Gods. This is when the transition of Parvati is shown wherein her ‘khunkaar’ kills many demons. This is again ascertained when she wages a bigger battle to save herself and the other Goddesses in Kailash. All of it results in Parvati attaining the form of Mahakali, an avatar taken to kill the demons and to eradicate evil.

The best part about the show is that the story of the transformation of Parvati to Kali has not been shown on television so far. So the subject in itself is interesting to the common man.

Moving to the look and feel, the team has done a fabulous job in bringing the life of the Kailash before our eyes. Every landscape, starting from the path leading to Mahadev’s place of Samadhi, the contrast look given to the den of the demons, Vishnu’s abode, the mountains, the war place look breath-taking. The costumes are a class apart, whether it is the elegant look given to Parvati, or her fierce avatar of Mahakali. Shumbh looks stunningly ferocious in his get-up and costume.

Talking about the performances, Pooja Sharmaa as Parvati is the epitome of beauty, elegance and divinity. Pooja has very aptly captured Parvati’s subtle nature, the restlessness in her, the desire in her to seek answers. Her eye expressions are amazing especially in the scenes where she is puzzled and wants to know who the woman in her dream was. As Mahakali, Pooja takes to another level when it comes to her acting skills. Again, her eye expressions, the variations in character have been very clearly depicted with all the detailing needed. Her ferociousness, dialogue delivery and determination as Mahakali come across well on the screens. In one word, we can say that Pooja is the perfect cast to play the titular role!!

Saurabh Raaj Jain’s introduction as Shiv happens via the Taandav dance!! Though he could have carried out the taandav in a more elegant manner, Saurabh’s performance holds the key in the sequences ahead. His smile, calm persona and his pensive eyes have created magic already. His dialogue delivery is very pleasing to the ear. The best sequence of the two episodes shown so far has to be the sequence where he confronts Parvati and asks her to seek answers.

Kanan Malhotra as Lord Vishnu looks divine and graceful. The calm on his face, the subtle way in which he puts across the strongest lines possible really stand up. Another scene worth watching is the scene between Vishnu and Parvati wherein he foresees everything, yet holds himself back and conveys what he has to in Parvati.

Abhaas Mehta as the demon Shumbh again looks apt for the role. His get-up is very unique and the very look of him is enough to create a fear. And when the man speaks, he spits venom and evilness. Abhaas’ eye rolling, his heavy voice and of course his acting skills look good. However, monotony might strike pertaining to the mannerisms in the long run, which has to be looked into.

Though the other Goddesses do not get enough screen space to prove their mettle, we must say that Pooja overpowers and shines in the scenes involving the Goddesses in whatever has been shown. A thought we have is that the Goddesses can be given better costumes as they look pale in whatever they wear.

The other demons whether it is Chand and Mund, or the ferocious Rakhtbheej create a terror. The scene that captured the transformation of Parvati to Mahakali has to be the highlight of the day. Very well shot scene, with great expressions with lot of importance given to detailing.

The only sore point in the second episode is the amount of blood-shed shown. Having said this, this has to be the concept’s crucial factor with Mahakali being the most aggressive and fierce avatar of Parvati. Blood spilling all over, the heads being cut, knives going through the bodies, the bodies being split into two are too glaring to the eye. Above all, the scene where Mahakali is shown consuming the blood of Rakhtbheej was terrifying. Overall, audience watching the show has to surely put behind the gruesome death scenes that they see…

In a nutshell, a show well-researched and worked on. The hard efforts put in for months or rather years, finally bear fruit we must say. Full marks for the great production value and the grandeur with which every sequence has been shot… gives the effort 4 out of 5 stars!!

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