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Junooniyatt comes from the banner of Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment. The production house still goes strong with the popular show on Colors titled Udaariyaan. Junooniyatt comes with huge expectations, especially because it stars the Udaariyaan lead and Bigg Boss 16 fame Ankit Gupta. Any music-based concept on TV is different and so is this one!!

The story is about three individuals Jahan, Elahi and Jordan. All three have their own personal problems and a huge goal that drives them to prove their worth in the musical field. Jahan’s parents who were earlier in Chandigarh, fled to Canada owing to an issue. They have been put up at a relatives’ place for years, and are reduced to doing maid errands in the house. Elahi has a musical lineage with both her parents being good singers. However, when her father drifted away from his goal, her mother left them to make space for her own career. Jordan comes from a very affluent family, with his father having aspirations that his son will follow him in his own line. However, Jordan and Jordan’s mother desire Jordan to become a popular singer.

Now, as a viewer, none of the three stories looks as convincing as they should have been. There are a lot of questions that arise in the mind when we see Jahan’s parents’ humiliation in their own relatives’ house. The same goes for Jordan. There could have been more depth to the back story and a stronger sense prevailing to the passion for music that the three leads have. The acceptable version of the back story is of Elahi. More thought and conviction has gone into the back story of Elahi and her mother, and her urge and eagerness to become a singer are better depicted comparatively.

The journey of Jahan, Elahi and Jordan into achieving their musical goals has started. They are now in the musical college in Chandigarh where their lives clash.

The first clash in the way of Jugalbandi between Jordan and Elahi has been the best till now. The fight and the first encounter between Jordan and Jahan were also well-picturized. The nuances between Jahan and Elahi also garnered interest.

The bond between Elahi and her helpless father has been executed well. Again, the same cannot be said of Jahan and Jordan’s bond with their families, for the reasons already mentioned above. The emotions appear to be more forced than natural.

Coming to performances, Ankit Gupta, Neha Rana and Gautam Singh Vig are on point and are into their characters very well. Having said this, it is very tough for Ankit Gupta and his fans to come out of the legacy that his earlier character Fateh had. Coming to the supporting cast, there can be better performances coming from the families of the leads. However, Manasi Salvi is a stand-out in terms of performance.

The story has been fast-paced for sure. The contrast between the ambience and look and feel of Chandigarh and Canada got depicted well.

A big plus to the show is the musical essence that it involves. The makers have brought in noted Punjabi singers to bring out the musical flavour in the show. The original songs made for the show as well as the new versions of popular songs give the show a good push.

The future prospects of the show will depend majorly on the relatability and acceptability of the drama quotient in the lives of the three leads. Also, the acting prowess of the lead actors will go a long way in nurturing the show.

We credit Junooniyatt with 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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