Swaran Ghar the second show for successful actors turned Producers Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment comes with a lot of expectations. Udaariyaan, the production’s maiden show started as an underdog and went on to become the masses’ favourite. Now, with all eyes glued to the next project of Ravi and Sargun, there has been an overdose of curiosity to sample the show.

The casting of seasoned campaigners Ronit Bose Roy and Sangita Ghosh is the best thing that could have happened to this concept. The first week of the show has given us enough glimpses of why these two actors are so excellent at work as performers.

Life for Kanwaljeet Bedi and Swaran revolves around the love that they shower on each other!! Their home (Swaran Ghar), which they term as their fourth kid, is extremely precious to them. While Kanwaljeet is practical about the problems of life and foresees the big problem that lies before them, of their children drifting away from them, Swaran holds huge faith and trust in her children.

The happy life of Swaran falls before her when she has to face the death of her husband. The opening scene of the show has a weeping Swaran holding a portrait in hand, looking at the flames erupting from the burning remains of her husband Kanwaljeet. The story then moves to the flashback, into the happy life of Swaran and Kanwaljeet, wherein viewers are shown the amazing love and care that the couple shower on each other. The couple has showered all the love on their three kids- Nakul, Vikram and Yug.

‘Until you have a son of your own, you will never know what that means’, is what the normal saying goes like!! The parents who have sons are said to be the blessed ones!!

But in the case of Kanwaljeet and Swaran, they get what they least expected!! Their sons do not hold the same values as they do, and are more into feeling comfortable in the materialistic life that they lead.

The story plot quickly gets into the tragedy of Kanwaljeet suffering a brain stroke and being rushed to the hospital. We see Swaran melting and weeping under pressure, and this is where she realizes that she has always been shielded by her husband, and has never learnt the art of living life all by herself. The manner in which she struggles to even remember the pin of her ATM card is a true example of how the basic mindset of an Indian woman is, of always taking care of family and home, while the man earns the bread.

Bedi needs a life-saving injection, if not given within a certain time gap can turn detrimental to his health. Swaran pins all hopes on her eldest son Nakul, who in fact promises to send them air tickets to come to the USA and have the further medication at his place. We later get to see his vicious wife Kiran who does not want to spend huge money on Nakul’s parents. Vikram and Yug too share the same opinion and are burdened with their own life pressures and do not have the money and time for their parents.

The idea that Vikram and Kiran suggest is to sell Swaran Ghar and use the money for the treatment. However, Swaran gets a shocker when she gets to know what her sons think.

On the other hand, Kanwaljeet Bedi has started to prepare Swaran for the next phase of her battle, a life without him. He calls Swaran’s first love Ajit after 30 long years, and asks him to be there for their wedding anniversary.

We are shown the beautiful flashback of Swaran and Bedi’s first night, where a weeping Swaran tells her husband about her first love Ajit and how they wanted to be together. From that phase of time to what a wonderful loving couple Swaran and Bedi are now, this only speaks volumes of the kind of character that Bedi is.

Now, with him hitting the death bed, and knowing very well of Swaran needing a helping hand after his death, Bedi has sought out for Ajit and his support.

The story though has moved back and forth in time, has been quite pacey. The camera work on the beauty that Swaran Ghar, the house is, has been captured really well.

Talking about the plot, this is not what we have never seen. There have been many films made on the generation gap and differences in ideologies of parents and children. The Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini starrer Baghban can never get out of our minds. So there is frankly no newness in the plot. Having said this, the highlight of this show is the wonderful chemistry that the couple Bedi and Swaran have.

As for the star power, Sangita Ghosh and Ronit Bose Roy tick all the chords as performers. While one can see through the emotions conveyed by Ronit’s eyes, Sangita’s display as the wife desperate to save her dying husband, is simply perfect. She shows her helplessness so very emphatically, that we sit to cry along with her.

Young actors Sandeep Sharma, Rohit Choudhary and Shashwat Tripathi are good in their roles.

Ajay Singh Chaudhary who plays Ajit has had a good start. He will have a huge role to play, considering that he will be the new pivot to Swaran’s life after the demise of Bedi.

Well, even though the show lacks a fresh and never-seen-before concept, it is loaded with emotions and realism, especially in the times, we are in. Many elderly parents are left all alone, even after they have shouldered the responsibility of bringing up their kids. The pain, agony and loneliness that the parents share without the warmth, support and love of their kids, is always a debated subject, which spreads the message of the need for kids to be respectful and supportive of their parents, especially when they grow old.

We at IWMBuzz.com credit the show 3.5 stars out of 5.