Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani the new launch on Colors comes from the renowned production house Optimystix. The production house has oodles of experience when it comes to trying its hand in all kinds of genres and concepts on television. This new tale will also go down in the history of television as a unique concept, even though it falls into the category of being touchy and quite a sensitive topic.

Well, the relationship of a Bhabhi (Sister-in-law) and Devar (Brother-in-law) is supposed to be quite sacred and pure. There are times when the bhabhi takes the position of the mother to the devar in the house.

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani dares to contradict this statement with its main concept (at least the one which is exposed to viewers as of now)!! The boy in the life of the main girl protagonist has a relationship of sorts going with his bhabhi. The concept treads on this thin line of adultery as of now!!

Kajol Mukherjee (Ishita Dutta) belongs to a very orthodox and conservative family, where going on long drives and night outs are prohibited. Also, the middle-class lifestyle restricts the kids of the house from stretching their hands beyond a point.

Kajol is in love with Arjun Sen (Harshad Arora), who is a rich businessman, who has a hidden relationship with his bhabhi Shreya (Patrali Chattopadhyay). Well, he is not even dutiful to his bhabhi. Rightly termed by his bhabhi, Arjun is a playboy who keeps having flings and small affairs with many girls.

Eventually, Arjun has decided to marry, and marry a girl who is bound with a huge responsibility in her parental home, a girl who comes from a smaller lifestyle, who will be a silent spectator to his flirtatious behaviour within his house and even outside it. He has chosen Kajol to be the girl!! However, it seems like Kajol is a girl who irrespective of coming from lower strata of society, is very confident of her upbringing and holds high morals and values.

Kajol lives with her huge family, parents, her extended family and four siblings. She is soon to move away from her happy and contented life as her wedding dates are fixed. The family is going out of its way to make every moment a grand affair for Kajol, till the time she gets married and moves to her new home.

Arjun and Shreya are shown to be in a very cosy and breezy relationship, full of romance. He calls her ‘bhabhi’ when in public, and refers to her as ‘jaan’ in the room. The two of them have kept their family too unaware of this secret relationship of theirs.

Shreya is getting jealous and insecure of the very thought that Arjun is going to get married. Her sequences with Kajol were amazing, with both the ladies being fiery and aggressive.

Arjun is doing all that he can to keep his secret love affair a secret. Meanwhile, problems arise when Kajol gets to know of Arjun’s family demanding a luxury car. She also sniffs something fishy with Shreya and Arjun, but cannot decipher what exactly it is!! But Arjun is such a smart playboy that he has cooked up answers to all the problems he gets into.

The show will soon see the introduction of a new family, that of Anurag Basu who will be a cardiologist by profession. The character will be played by Karan Suchak. He might go on to be the partner for Kajol, however this is unconfirmed at the moment!!

As we know, the basic crux of the show will be when Kajol will lose her father and will take up the strong decision of being the breadwinner for her own family. It is to be seen if Arjun goes on to be in Kajol’s life or not, post the tragedy that the family will face.

Coming to the concept, well, this is surely a big experiment on part of Colors. Considering that not many will be able to accept this very thought of a bhabhi and a devar being in a relationship, we feel, to start off a show on this risky note is a big decision the makers have taken. With time, maybe the story and plot might move on and gain momentum away from this plot that is exposed now, but only time will throw light on this!

The bond of the siblings with Kajol has been given nice priority. Noyna (Jasmine Avasia) seems to be one sibling who feels deprived and ignored by her family when compared to Kajol. Chandrika (Vaibhavi Mahajan), Anushka (Neha Harsora), Opu (Meghan Jadhav) on the contrary are shown as very respectful towards their elder sister. All of them will have a big part to play in the show. A good cast of siblings, should say!!

Kajol has a special bond with her father (Ravi Mahashabde), and his demise will change the life of Kajol for sure!!

The story has been pacey and crisp. The Bengali family authenticity has been brought about in a very nice way. The characters have been well-defined from start, and this makes the watch interesting.

Kajol’s journey has started, but the road ahead for her is surely thorny, filled with all kinds of obstacles. Only time will tell whether she will get a good life partner who will help her smoothen her ride and add some element of happiness to it.

Coming to performances, it is heartening to see Ishita Dutta play a Bengali character. She lives the character and enjoys it thoroughly, and it is visible on screen. Harshad Arora who has done many chocolate boy roles fits really well as the perfect playboy. His instincts, smaller nuances have been on point!! Patrali Chattopadhyay has a challenging role in hand, playing the bhabhi who has lost her heart to her devar. She is menacing as a possessive lover.

The concept of the show can be visualised in two ways. For some, it might seem to be a very regressive subject to show a bhabhi in love with her devar, but there will surely be many who will claim that such flings are prevalent in the society we live in.

We are also sure that the main plot is of Kajol’s journey, and that Arjun might not be her final destination after all!!

Only time will tell how people react to this sensitive concept!!

We at credit Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani with 2.5 stars out of 5.