Review of Zee TV's Ikk Kudi Punjab Di starring Avinesh Rekhi and Tanisha Mehta. It is produced by Dome Entertainment and is a tale of engaging relationships. Read the review.

Review of Zee TV’s Ikk Kudi Punjab Di: A passionate tale of friendship, love and fightback

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di the Zee TV show produced by Dome Entertainment is a tale of engaging friendship, relentless love and sacrifice. It is the tale of a woman fighting back against all odds. The story has been shot in real locations of Amritsar, Chandigarh etc, and appears to be a realistic take of engrossing relationships.

The Atwal family has the matriarch Rajvinder Kaur Atwal who leads a very hierarchial life and wants to get the best in life. She is a woman of her self-made disciplines and does not like anyone going against them. She does not spare her own husband who has wronged her in the past. Her eldest son Jarnail Singh is her biggest strength. She looks up to him for all the help that she needs to power over anyone.

We have the other family of Beant Singh who wants to keep his daughter Heer away from the problems he has in his life. While his ancestral home is involved in a legal case with his own brother, his land is also at high risk of being taken off. The Atwals eye the land of Beant Singh and intend to make a big investment out of it. They have requested and even threatened Beant to sell the land to them. However, Beant Singh refuses to sell it.

Heer is studying law and is just an exam away from being declared as a lawyer. She is very much aware of the intricacies involved in fighting battles in the courtroom. She gets a shock of her life when she gets to know that her father has been fighting a court battle for their home.

The youngest son of Atwal family, Kuldeep has fallen for Heer. However, Heer has an enriching friendship and more with Ranjit aka Jeete who is an orphan raised by Beant Singh. Jeete adores Heer and for him, his day starts and ends with Heer. He gets to realize with time that his friendship with Heer is more about the undying and silent love he has for her.

The Atwal family has a past, in which Jarnail had burnt a woman alive when he was drunk. Rajvinder has hid this dark past very well, but keeps reminding her son to never touch alcohol as it brings out his worst attitude. The husband of Rajvinder too has a secret hidden. He has a photo of a lady with him, who is the same as Ranjeet’s mother. Perhaps, Jeete is also an Atwal, born to a different mother.

The show is shot on a grand scale. The scenic beauty of Punjab has been captured really well. The real locations make the sequences more realistic. The cinematography and direction are on target.

The show is rich in its amazing portrayals. Every actor is in sync with his/her character and that is a beauty to watch. From Maleeka R Ghai, to Manoj Chandila, Monika Khanna, Soniya Kaur, Aarya DharmChand Kumar, Suneel Pushkarna, Jaideep Singh, everyone is doing an amazing job.

Avinesh Rekhi is taking up another Sikh character after his very popular portrayal of Sarabjeet Singh Gill in Choti Sarrdaarni. Having said this, we have to applaud the manner in which he has brought about a total deviation to play this role of Ranjeet.

Tanisha Mehta is giving a very realistic performance as the protagonist Heer. Her scenes with Jeete are the best so far.

The show is all set to touch upon many societal issues. It will eventually be the fight of a lady against her own household, to uphold her principles in life. Also, the show is based on the undying spirit of friendship that exists between Heer and Jeete. We look forward to this friendship turning into a love tale in the future time. Afterall, his real name is Ranjha and this ought to be the love story of Heer and Ranjha!!

We credit 3.5 stars for Ikk Kudi Punjab Di.