IWMBuzz.com reviews the Zee TV show Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye. It is produced by Malhar Content Creators. Read the review here of this Sriti Jha, Arijit Taneja show.

Review of Zee TV’s Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye: Powerful script, hard-hitting dialogues and good performances

Zee TV’s new show Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye brings the accomplished actress Sriti Jha back to television screens. She plays a power-packed role, which we can say is an author-backed one for sure!! Producer Mukta Dhond, after creatively helming many successful shows surely knows what it takes to have a good script and pack the show with extremely good performers. This one is the right example of what we are saying!!

The show starts off as the tale of a middle-class family, that of the Chitnis family. The family is a well-knit one, with the father and mother celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. However, beneath the mother’s smile lies a worry for her family. She has constantly wanted to get her daughter Amrita married. The father appears to be hiding something really big. His rapport with his wife appears strained. However, the kids (daughter and son) are not aware of it. Amrita has always been a father’s pet and finds happiness in calling herself to be in Team Baba. Harsh the mother’s son, calls himself as Team Aayi.

The happiness of the Chitnis family is soon shattered as it is revealed that the father has an affair with an interior designer, Ishika. Ishika enters the Chitnis house, and this means that Bhavani, the mother has to leave. It dawns on Amrita that her mother was being cheated upon by her father all the while. It does not take time for a daughter to understand a mother’s pain. This is what reality is!! And it is shown beautifully in this show. Amrita who was a father’s girl, does not mince words and understands what her father wants. She walks out of the house with her mother and brother, thus upholding her mother’s dignity.

The show shows the grief of the mother and daughter extremely well. The strong aspect of this show lies in its hard-hitting dialogues. They are powerfully written and send out the right emotion to the viewers. Above all, the performances complement the writing and the script.

We now talk about the Ahuja family. The family is ruled, nurtured and dictated upon by the matriarch Babita Ahuja. She is a disciplinarian, and commands respect!! She is manipulative but has a heart that beats for her family. The rich and sophisticated Ahujas are even ready to give money as dowry so that their daughter can be happy.

Virat Ahuja is handsome, with a rough and tough attitude. But within, there is a heart that melts on seeing a problem. But he is a man who feels that every woman is greedy for money, an impression that he has got owing to a past bad experience.

Amrita and Virat are totally contrasting in the way they think!! While Amrita believes that marriages make happy families and believes in a family living united. But her theory of life is shaken when she sees her own father cheating on her mother. Virat, on the other side, feels that every woman has greed for money and that marriages only lead a man to failure.

The screenplay and direction are up to the mark!! The scene on the yacht was shot very well. The terrace sequence and the festivity of the Chitnis family were another highlight of the initial episodes. The Maharashtrian culture was displayed well in the sequence.

Sriti Jha packs a punch with her involved portrayal of Amrita. There is a comic funny touch given to a few of her sequences, initially with her father and those with Virat. However, Sriti excels and is the best when she emotes. The hard-hitting scenes and the dialogues given to Amrita have been very good. She is a natural performer and how naturally does she perform when the going gets tough!!

Arijit Taneja has had a good start. He looks perfect for the role of the suave, handsome Virat Ahuja. His scenes with Sriti certainly are going to attract viewership.

Kishori Shahane after playing Bhavani Chavan, has got a contrasting personality to play here. As Babita Ahuja, she not only looks gorgeous but also looks more menacing. Her character is one of the strongest in the show, and she is carrying it out well.

A special mention has to go to Hemangi Kavi for being the mother and wife who has been the victim. Wonderful portrayal from the actress, and her combination scenes with Sriti are a treat to watch.

The show has some good performers like Iqbal Azad, Ashish Kaul, Daljeet Soundh, Rohit Choudhry, Aakanksha Pal, Deeksha Sonalkar and others.

The show has to deliver as it has a good script with solid performers executing it perfectly. Its success banks highly on the popularity of the lead pair and its strong script-dialogue combination too.

IWMBuzz.com gives the show 4 stars.