With the supernatural genre going full steam, Zee TV has added a new page by mixing it with superhero powers, courtesy their new show Aghori, starring Gaurav Chopraa and Simran Kaur.

We have always known graveyard-living aghoris to be bad people, but this Essel Vision presentation tries to show them in a different light. The story in a nutshell goes as such – a couple gives birth to a stillborn child in an aghori ashram. The ashram’s main guru invokes his powers to bring her back to life, calling her shiv ki beti.

But his evil disciple Rudranath (Parag Tyagi) kills him in an attempt to get to the child, for sacrificing her will bestow immortality on him.

However, one more disciple, Dravya (Preeti Puri) uses her power to flee, along with the parents and child. Rudranath chases them down, killing the father and seriously injuring the mother. Somehow, the dying mother reaches her brother, asking him to take care of baby Kamakshi. She needs to be married off by the time she reaches 24 years of age.

Kamakshi and her powers prove problematic for the uncle and wife. They are forced to keep relocating with their kids. Yet, he keeps his word to his dying sis.

Cut to the present, Rudranath now asks his favourite disciple Adhvik, who has been doing hard-core meditation, to bring Kamakshi to him, as she is approaching the cut-off year of 24. Adhvik is one of the most powerful aghoris around.

He, along with fellow cult members, Aasmi (Poulomi Das ) and Inder (Malhar Pandey) land in the city. They did not explain how they learnt the city language and customs.

At the time Kamakshi is about to be married off, Adhvik sets fire to the mandap, which engulfs the groom’s mother. Kamakshi not only saves her but even eliminates her blisters. Rather than being thankful, they still call off the wedding, accusing her of witch-craft.

Kamakshi does not remain upset for long at her wedding being repeatedly called off. Most girls would have slipped into depression. She also does not ponder much on her powers, which ideally should have been the case.

As news of her power spreads, the family is again forced to relocate. This time they come to a small bungalow, which makes the aunt naturally quite upset.

But even before they can settle in, Adhvik and company land up here as labourers. He does not follow up on the plan to kidnap her, as she needs to come on her own. If so, why were Asmi and Inder kept in the dark about it at first?

Adhvik then destroys their house and gives them shelter in a big mansion. Where did he get the 2 crores for the same?

The scene where Kamakshi asks him where the kitchen was and he had no clue was funny. The levitation scene was also good. Asmi, who seems to have the hots for Adhvik, gets jealous of his affection towards Kamakshi. The goofy Inder also makes for good, lighter moments.

To step up the drama, the creative then brings in zombies, rechristened as kankalis.These walking bodies are the Aghori’s bete noir. Adhvik has a big fight in the market with them when he takes Kamakshi and family for shopping. Surprisingly, no one makes a viral video of it.

In the interim, the real owner’s mom lands up and Adhvik asks Inder to take care of her, making it clear that she should be unharmed. Being the good guy, he also questions his evil master’s intentions, but is just asked to clam up. He is also enamoured by the enigmatic Kamakshi, but tries to keep his focus on the job at hand. His line that he is even ready to fall in love with her to get her to come with him is interesting.

Dravya returns with her chelas, Som (Paras Chhabra) and Sanaya (Mahi), again wanting to save Kamakshi from the duo of Adhvik and Rudranath.

Accordingly, she lands up in the house as Adhvik’s mom, and the latter is forced to accept them (Som and Sanaya in tow as siblings), lest Kamakshi smells a rat.

By now, Kamakshi too is beginning to have feelings for Adhvik and brings him food. Since he had always eaten rotten stuff, he goes into a trance when he ingests fresh grub.

Not wanting to waste time, Dravya and gang kidnap Kamakshi but Adhvik rescues her. The CG of the forest and lake was good. The banter between Dravya and Adhvik, about how he can’t touch her, was interesting.

Gaurav is acting well, bringing out the required restraint in his persona. He also looks like a million dollars in his lean mean frame. There are several topless scenes providing good eye candy. We would reserve our comments about Simran Kaur (call to fame, Agnifera). So far she only has the dazed look on her face. Hope we get to see other facets soon.

Poulomi Das is playing the possessive Asmi well. Wanna wager she will cross over to the other side?

Paras Tyagi is apt as the evil Rudranath. But to be honest, his character does require layering.

Paras Chhabra so far has got nothing to show for his efforts. Even Sanaya is only seen strutting around in short skirts. Charu Mehra as Kamakshi’s sister completes the supporting cast.

All in all a good effort. At least we get a break from naagins and dayans, which are now a dime a dozen on TV. Yet, the makers have borrowed a lot from other supernatural series. I am still waiting for something really original.

Let’s see what the viewers think, when the first numbers come in tomorrow.

We at IWMBuzz.com credit the show with 2.5 out of 5 stars.