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Life Ok’s failure in experimental programming calls for immediate introspection

When Life’s NOT Ok, seek help from Bharat

Star Bharat…the name uncannily finds semblance with the rising nationalist sentiment in the country. Star Bharat, which seems to cater to the desi sentiments of the masses, will replace the identity of Life Ok.

Life Ok, as a channel was an attempt by Star Network to lend freshness to Indian television content. It was meant to be a platform to experiment. It had its birth post wrapping up of Star One and after a rather baffling programming philosophy, is set to breathe its last in the coming days.

Saddening but alarming!!!

Life Ok never really managed to find its core content principle, oscillating from one genre to another. The attempt reached a desperate crescendo when earlier last year it decided to go against the popular tide and bank on male oriented storytelling, a final nail in the coffin.

Indian television finds its roots deep in women centric shows, Life Ok’s move must have been brave, but far-fetched.

IndianWikiMedia sources informed us that top bosses at Star Network were getting hot under the collar, and wanted the property to click, alas all strategies fell flat.

The channel commissioned huge budget shows in quick time, Chandrakanta and Ranjit Singh being top in the list. The buzz was paramount and expectations were high…within a short time the concepts lost steam cutting a sorry figure in the ratings chart. Chop chop chop…airtime wings were clipped, the extravagant ventures waved goodbye.

In its defense, the channel did make an effort, with shows like Shapath, Mahadev, Saubhagyavati Bhava gaining attention, but it never really became the preferred channel of the audience to surf after a hectic day’s work.

Savdhaan India, which titillates the baser human emotion thanks to its crime based story, is the only show which managed to keep its head up. Bahu Humari Rajni_kant showed promise, but it was all a flicker which soon found its oblivion.

Result? Life Ok will enter the realms of history soon, giving birth to Star Bharat, most expectedly on 15 August (2017). All its current airings will meet its end, barring Savdhaan India and Ghulam.

A fresh programming punch will be packed which rather than being extraordinarily adventurous, is expected to stick to the tried & tested yet aim to diversify and innovate as & when permitted by the audience feedback.

The development calls for some degree of introspection. The eagerness to invent & innovate and bring a paradigm shift is indeed a noble intent, however, it is also a fact that may be the larger television watching audience is yet to accept the change. The masses still largely lap up a Naagin or a Yeh Rishta…which is nothing unfair or to be ashamed of.

Life Ok has bit the dust and now Star hopes that with a more desi relatable branding will manage slip into the drawing rooms of audience in its new attempt.

Having said that, experimentation is key and we all must appreciate Star’s resolute effort to seek new quarters. Hope the quest ends with Star Bharat.

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