Jhanvi to be assumed ‘DEAD’ in &TV’s Daayan

&TV’s Daayan will have a huge twist in the tale with Jhanvi being pushed into water and assumed to be dead. Read details.

Jhanvi to be assumed ‘DEAD’ in &TV’s Daayan

&TV’s horror thriller show Daayan (Balaji Telefilms) has been seeing the intruging track of Jhanvi (Tina Datta) being possessed by the Daayan.

We earlier wrote about Akarsh (Mohit Malhotra) trying his best to save Jhanvi.

Now, the family of Jhanvi will have a plan to take her out of the Daayan’s grip.

Vrajesh chacha will tell the family after meeting a saint baba that upon pushing her into the holy river, Jhanvi will get out of the clutches of the daayan.

So in order to help Jhanvi out, Vrajesh will take Jhanvi to the river and will push her into the river. The idea will be to get her out of the water immediately, but he will not spot her in water soon after pushing.

As per a reliable source, “There will be panic as Vrajesh will feel that Jhanvi drowned into the water as soon as she fell into it. He will weep and come and tell the family about Jhanvi being dead.”

How will Jhanvi come back? Is she really dead?

We buzzed artists but could not get through for comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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