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Candid chat with Parvati Vaze.

I am lucky to play both positive and negative in Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo: Parvati Vaze

Parvati Vaze is enjoying her SAB TV show, Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo. “The best part is that, over the past one year, I have got a chance to do different stuff. At first, my character Jaya was a completely smitten girl, who would easily believe whatever yarn her guy/ husband, Jaiveer (Hussain Kuwajerwala), would pull.”

“In the current memory loss track, she does not remember her past, and finds the extra personal attention and care Jaiveer is showering on her, a tad irksome. This does happen in real life; you do get off if someone is too all around, and hanker for the attention of someone who does not care a fig. She has also become suspicious of anyone and everyone around.”

Here, this cousin of well-known TV actor, Sampada Vaze, admitted, “Some of my fans are not liking the fact that I am being cold to   Hussain. To them, I would say, just wait and watch; soon, everything will be ok. In a way, I am lucky to get to play both positive and negative shades in one show.”

What is your on-screen and off-screen equation with Hussain? “On- screen, you can see, and off-screen, he is not only a very professional   actor, but a very chilled out dude as well. No one can say one bad thing about him. The entire unit is fun to be with. If you enjoy your work, things become a breeze.”

This show, as the title suggests, is the sequel to the earlier hit SAB TV Show, Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo, starring Sumeet Raghavan, Ami Trivedi, Tiku Talsania, etc. Interestingly, the latter now plays Jaiveer’s loving dad.

Point out that the ratings of Season 1 were better, and she says, “I did not follow it, so can’t say if it is better or worse. Please ask this question to the channel or production house, as they are better equipped to answer this.”

Parvati, who began her acting career with a Telugu film, before moving to TV with Sapno Se Bhare Naina, regards this show as her comeback vehicle. “After Sapno, I had to move to Canada due to some personal reasons. On my return, it took a while to get the right role. All said and done, I am happy and looking forward to juicer assignments in the future.”

Looking ahead, she would be game for interesting web series, “For they offer content which is not possible on TV.”

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