Interesting update in Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss to give sleepless nights to contestants

Bigg Boss 12 is heading towards the finale but the contestants are still making the same mistakes.

The contestants are not allowed to sleep in the afternoon time. They have been warned by Bigg Boss many times. However, this time Bigg Boss will give them sleepless nights by giving them the punishment.

Tonight, Deepak, Rohit and Romil will be seen sleeping even after Bigg Boss’s warnings. They would then be criticized by Bigg Boss for not being active in the game even when they are couple of weeks away from the finale. Bigg Boss will take a drastic decision and ask Surbhi to keep 8 mattresses in the store room.

While Surbhi was fulfilling her captaincy duty she will ask Dipika to share the bed with Somi. Dipika will protest against Surbhi and tell her that she is not being fair. Surbhi and Dipika will not agree on each other’s opinion and would have a major argument on this.

How will the contestants deal with their insecurities after coming so close to the finale?

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