Apara Mehta to host supernatural series, ‘Achanak Uss Rozz’

Popular actress Apara Mehta will host the upcoming supernatural series, Achanak Uss Rozz. Read this exclusive news here.

Apara Mehta to host supernatural series ‘Achanak Uss Rozz’

It’s the season for the supernatural powers to cash in and grow popular on TV!!

Following the trend, Dangal TV will soon come up with an episodic format series titled ‘Achanak Uss Rozz’ which will have supernatural and eerie stories being presented.

The show will be produced by Vikas Kapoor’s banner, D Aivida Pictures.

News coming in is that popular actress Apara Mehta will be the host of the show.

When contacted, Apara Mehta confirmed the news saying, “Yes, I am anchoring this series. It will depict interesting tales on faith.”

Watch this space for more updates.


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