The festive fervour of Diwali spreads love and joy in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 11 Day 17: Diwali’s festive ambience brings love and warmth in the house

Day 17 in Bigg Boss’ house was an eventful one. It started with Vikas’ team strategizing their war plan against Puneesh’s team in the Luxury Budget Challenge, moving on to delectable goodies baked by Sabyasachi and finally, towards the end of the day – Diwali sweets by Bigg Boss.

Early in the morning, Vikas is seen in jail. He is visibly agitated, and now with Arshi alongside him, he asks her to help him in his team’s challenge against team Puneesh. He clearly hasn’t been able to get over the events of the previous day. He asks Arshi to get two boxes – and gloves. He dons the rubber gloves, and gets all set to start collecting insects. He keeps the dead insects in one box and all live ones in the other.

While he’s doing this, Hina is seen speaking to the team members about how they will not give the other team any time to recuperate between attacks – there will be a constant onslaught. Hina will follow her plan to the T.

As the day progresses, on popular demand, Sabyasachi bakes an apple pie and a special cake for the contestants, which is loved by everyone. They all wish each other Happy Diwali. Hugs and kisses are passed around – some warmer and more affectionate than the others.

They even take the pie to the Kaal Kothri and offer it to the inmates; the love in the air is palpable.

Bigg Boss even sends sweets to the contestants, after all – they’ve been his guests for over two weeks now. They are all smiles when the beautiful gift wrapping is opened, and the sweets are revealed. They feed each other, and even offer cake and pie to Bigg Boss.

Gear up for tonight’s celebratory affair in the Bigg Boss house…

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