Today’s special that Bigg Boss has to offer this year is a panel discussion between News Anchor Shweta Singh, RJ Pritam Singh and RJ Malishka Mendonsa as they discuss the ongoing of the current season!

After a week of staying together, the gharwale have finally settled into the house. But its looks like they have been divided in groups – having formed a compact group Shilpa, Arshi, Akash and Puneesh have uncommon friendship in each other. On the other hand, Vikas and Hina are leading the bandwagon with the rest of the contestants. Constantly at each other’s throats, these groups have chosen words to be their weapon of choice. But some want to resort to other means in a bid for the perfect revenge.

Hina Khan and Arshi are the first to get into a major conflict with a heated exchange of words. Hina, who was till now the peacemaker of the house, has slowly started lashing out against the opposite team. Soon, Arshi and Jyoti get into an argument over a matter that started as a joke but ended in a war! In lighter moments, Akash proposes to Jyoti for marriage as his ultimate fantasy is to date a ‘village girl.’

As the evening progresses, Arshi and Shilpa decide to take a dip in the pool; and are soon joined by Akash and Puneesh. Arshi takes it upon herself to entertain everyone with her dance moves and does a number on ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani.’

The war is in full swing for Vikas and Shilpa as well! Shilpa continues to instigate Vikas with taunting comments and songs to a point that a visibly livid Vikas decides to take matter in his own hands. He pours his cup of tea all over the luggage in the store room. Soon, Benafsha realizes that her favorite dress is now ruined because of the tea and breaks down in the house.

As the day comes to an end, the battle ground has intensified with numerous fights going on around the house. With so much happening, it’s time for someone to go to the dreaded ‘kaal kothri’ as Bigg Boss asks gharwale to nominate 3 individuals they think deserve the harsh brutality that the jail has to offer.

But knowing the true spirit of Bigg Boss, a twist is on the horizon as Padosis are informed they have special power over the decision made by gharwale.

Who will spend the night in ‘kaal kothri’?

Do watch the show…