Bigg Boss 13 will see a twist in the tale with the non-elite club members getting a chance to win immunity.

Bigg Boss 13 Day 129: Drama galore over immunity

The Bigg Boss finale is inching closer and the contestants are gearing up for D-day. Curiosity peaks inside the house as Bigg Boss announces a task that will give the non-elite club members a golden opportunity to win immunity.

In this task, Paras, Mahira, Aarti and Shehnaz have to sit inside turtle shells until the next buzzer. If they fail to do so, they will lose out on the only chance to win immunity. While Rashami is the sanchalak, Asim and Sidharth can use tactics to pull them out of the shell. The buzzer rings and the four contestants take their places inside the turtle shells. Asim is the only contestant who tries to make the task a difficult one for the contestants to survive inside the shells by putting mirch powder. After spending considerable time inside, Shehnaz hatches a plan with Rashami to get Mahira out of the game. She says that as per the task rules, Rashami should disqualify Mahira if her hand is out of the shell. Rashami complies and eliminates Mahira from the task followed by Paras for putting their hand out.

Paras and Mahira defy Rashami’s decision but Bigg Boss intervenes and declares that Sanchalak’s decision would be considered final. Paras gets infuriated and pulls out Shehnaz and Aarti out of the shell. Going a step further, he destroys his and Mahira’s shell in anger. Bigg Boss again intervenes and announces that Paras and Mahira should stop their antics and should continue playing the game. While they are disqualified from the shell, they can still support or oppose the other two housemates inside the shell. The game resumes and Shehnaz and Aarti take their positions. Paras and Mahira decide to give Shehnaz the task of her own medicine and stuffs talcum powder in her shell.

Will Paras manage to get Aarti and Shehnaz out?

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