Rakhi Sawant’s antics have always regaled the audiences and bemused the other housemates. While Rakhi had earlier shared her fondness for Abhinav Shukla, this time she takes it up a notch! The entire day, Rakhi is seen wooing Abhinav. Whether he is working out or sitting and chatting with his wife Rubina, Rakhi is relentless in her pursuit! Right from saying movie dialogues to singing songs, Rakhi is trying her best to impress Abhinav as bewildered Rubina looks on!

The task for Captaincy has the housemates find a camera that has been hidden in the house! The search for the missing camera has the entire house up in frenzy. With Rakhi looking for it in the kitchen area to Rahul climbing on top of the wardrobe and rustling everyone’s luggage, the housemates are all engrossed in the search! Rahul suspects Rubina and goes through her belongings to find the camera. Eijaz on the other hand, claims that the camera is inside the house. Arshi and Rakhi, too, are bewildered and visibly angry at whoever has hidden the camera!

While all of this is taking place, Vikas Gupta is in a bad state. He breaks down and confesses to Aly that he is in tremendous pain. While the housemates think Vikas is pretending, Bigg Boss makes a sudden announcement. He asks the housemates to collect all of Vikas’ stuff and put it in the storeroom. This is a shock for them all. Everyone is visibly upset and Rakhi and Arshi can’t hide their tears over Vikas’ sudden exit.

Who has hidden the camera?