The poultry farm task sees all sorts of drama as the captaincy game gets bigger in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Update: Akash Dadlani is the ‘game changer’ in the house

With immense difficulty and hardships, the first day of Bigg Boss Poultry farm concluded with Hina Khan qualifying as the sole contender for captaincy. However, there is another day for the task to end and Akash Dadlani, Vikas Gupta, Priyank Sharma, Shilpa Shinde and Luv Tyagi have their goals set on the golden egg; as they all want to join Hina in the final task for captaincy!

 Today, Hina decides to play her cards well and goes on to accuse Vikas of touching her inappropriately. Vikas in the process to protect his egg falls over Hina, that leads to an intense fight between them. In his defense, Vikas says that Hina is simply taking advantage of being a woman and accusing him falsely, when in reality she is constantly hugging the men of the house!

The Hero of the day, however, is Akash Dadlani who uses his agility to great advantage as he wants to acquire Vikas Gupta’s egg and throws it in the pool! Hina and Shilpa who have now come together in friendship share a good laugh at Vikas’ expense and appreciate Akash’s efforts in the task.

Begum Arshi Khan does not want to see Shilpa as the next captain of the house and tries her best to convince others but finds herself alone in this quest as the gharwale favor Shilpa. On the other hand Akash keeps provoking Arshi to steal Shilpa’s egg.


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