Brownie Parashar to enter Colors’ Mahakaali

Veteran Brownie Parashar to enter Mahakaali

Brownie Parashar to enter Colors’ Mahakaali

Mahakaali, the popular show airing on Colors and produced by Swastik Productions, will see a new entry.

Veteran actor Brownie Parashar has been brought on board to play the role of Bhringi Rishi.

As per Hindu scriptures, Bhringi Rishi played an important role in bringing out the Ardhnareeshwar avatar of Mahadev.

Bhringi did not consider Parvati to be equal to Mahadev. This is when Mahadev was forced to take the Ardhnareeshwar avatar to explain Rishi that both are equal.

Brownie remained unavailable for a comment.

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