Dipika has an emotional outburst in Bigg Boss 12

Dipika has an emotional breakdown in Bigg Boss 12

One of the strongest contestants Dipika Kakar, who has proved to be a tough competition to others, will finally have an emotional outburst.

The actress will be seen crying in tonight’s episode.

Wondering what would be the reason? Well we tell you…

In the house, the contestants will be involved in the captaincy task. During the task, Surbhi Rana asks Dipika how much money she thinks her bag will have. Dipika tells her she doesn’t know and hasn’t thought about it either. Surbhi tells Dipika that everyone gets to hear mean stuff in the house, but it is their job not to take it seriously and move on. Dipika tells her that she has learnt it already from them.

Later, when Dipika is in the bus performing her task, Surbhi and Deepak taunt and irritate her. She soon gets frustrated and leaves the bus and goes away.

right after and begins to cry. She tells Megha about how bad Surbhi and Deepak are and they don’t talk to her nicely.

Well, who will come as support for the poor lady?

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