Actors Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan benefitted the most out of Bigg Boss 17, as they continue to be buzzing and being on the newswagon.

They recently collaborated on the song, Khaali Botal, where it was their first project together, and the song has been making quite a splash since its release.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, we asked them about several things ranging from offers they have got Bigg Boss to having a trending song to your credit and so on.

Q. Whenever a song comes along, there’s always hope that it goes on to trending. Is that been a motive?

Ayesha: I guess, Abhishek has had this touch so far with songs trending, that magic seems to be working and going on.

Abhishek: (Laughs) The idea is always simple, when you do something, you give it your best and there’s always buzz among people. This song, especially has a lot of buzz because people were gonna see Ayesha and I together for the first time on-screen. It has been trending so early and so good, it feels nice. And the best part is, people are saying it feels they are watching a movie. This is the kind of response we have been getting, and of course, it feels really nice.

After Bigg Boss, you must have been bombarded with projects. What are you preferring? Web series, movies, TV or anything else?

Abhishek: I am not looking at TV serials too much. I am focusing more towards OTT and films. Hopefully, something soon happens soon.

Q. People have a perception that after Bigg Boss, the ones who are famous, are bombarded with offers. Is is true?

Abhishek: It is true. But those aren’t of the big banners. For that, you have to audition and make your way through it. For songs, you do get but not for movies or else. And what offers you get, even in that you have to think so much and analyse. For me, I feel the launch needs to be impactful. It shouldn’t be a case that you have attached yourself to a project and it didn’t create an impact. Even if it is small, it needs to be make a splash.

Ayesha: Everybody knows that if not anything, you get offers for music videos for sure. It’s like a trend. As much as I know when it comes to films, they don’t care about which show you’ve done or what. You have to audition for that. If you are apt for it, you’re hired, and if you aren’t, then you’re not.