Dangal TV’s show Aaina went off air recently, which shocked the fans. The show featured Farman Haider and Niharika Chouksey in lead roles. Its interesting story and intense drama made it a favorite of the audience. Now, in an exclusive interview with IWMBuzz, the lead actor, Farman Haider, reacted to the abrupt finale of the show.

Farman Haider’s Reaction On Aaina Gone Off Air

Farman, expressing his feelings on the last day, said, “To be very honest, I had no idea that the show would go off air. Suddenly, he got to know. And when ratings are good, we are mentally fit, and in the back of our minds, we know that the show won’t go off air; maybe we have to work on twists or dance or bring something new. However, suddenly, we got to know one day before that tomorrow would be the last day of the shoot. And this was quite shocking because we need time to digest.”

Farman Haider’s Bond With Everyone And More

Reflecting on his time on the show, Farman shared, “I had my own little corner on the set where I enjoyed my coffee. Later, we all used to have a great time during Iftari. The bond and chemistry with the cast were amazing. Although it’s over now, I’m content with the memories we’ve created.”

Adding more on how others had an idea about it, the Aaina actor said, “I don’t know how, but every time others know before me that the show is set to go off the air. And I got a call from someone who was saying he heard that Aaina was going off air. However, it was a good experience.”

For more information about Farman Haider’s upcoming projects, cast bonding and more check out the YouTube link below.