As Khatron Ke Khiladi 14 is underway, we have already seen an array of contestants talking about their fears and their plans before they went to Romania for the shoot.

Now, in an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, actress Niyati Fatnani, best known for her roles in Nazar and Dear Ishq went on to talk about how is already trying to overcome her fears, maintaining calmness in stunts and whom is she most excited to do stunts with from the other contestants.

How excited are you?

I am very excited about it. Every day, I keep feeling the adrenaline rush the more I keep thinking about the stunts. When I look at cockroaches, I am thinking I might have to do a stunt with them (laughs).

So, you mentioned that you are looking at cockroaches and thinking about the show; so are you trying to remove your fear right away?
Yes, from the moment I said yes to the show, I have begun doing a pep talk with myself that I cannot be scared or disgusted by it, I am calming myself down.

The show is all about calmness and fitness. How are you preparing yourself in that aspect?

When it comes to physical fitness, I have always been working on it. I make sure my workouts are different and constantly adapt. But with KKK, I have realised that it isn’t just about physical fitness but so much about mental fitness too. You have to be facing so many fears that you might not even be aware of. Because then, nothing else is going to work and maybe only prayers will (laughs).

Interviewed by Sweta Gupta

This will be your first reality show and that too something like KKK. What do you have to say about that?
When I was offered the show, I did not say yes instantly – because being adventurous and sporty isn’t my personality. I am more into dance as everyone knows. But as a person, I am also someone who loves trying something new all the time and not being complacent. So, I thought why not use this opportunity, and fight my fears! Also, it is a bonus that my fans will see me in a never-seen-before avatar. My fans have been so excited as well, and they are sharing their positivity with me, which helps too.

This show also requires one to have several skills like driving, swimming and so on. Are you doing any special preparation for it?

That is a question in itself (laughs). I mean, how can you prepare for any such stunt? You cannot prepare to jump from the 40th floor. I don’t know how can one do that. I mean I have done a supernatural show, where you are constantly on a harness but that is a different thing and we have retakes there as well. Here, it is go big or go down.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My weakness is water. My strength, I would say is that I can be calm in panicky situations.

Whom are you most excited to perform stunts with?
I am excited to perform stunts with Aditi Sharma and Krishna Shroff. I am sure, apart from stunts, we will have a pally time and have fun.