Vaishnavi Dhanraj will don the lawyer’s garb in the popular Sony TV show.

Exclusive: Vaishnavi Dhanraj to enter Sony TV’s Beyhadh

The ‘Maya’ murder case in Sony TV’s popular trend-setter show Beyhadh (Cinevistaas) has reached big heights, with Maya having deliberately planted proofs against Arjun (Kushal Tandon) even before she breathed her last!!

With Arjun getting arrested for the murder of Maya, things really look bleak for the guy!!

This track has succeeded in creating humongous curiosity amongst viewers, and while everyone who follow the show believe that Maya will pop up alive at some point or the other in the story line, our hearts go out for Arjun who has been having a tough time in jail.

Now, with the case of Maya’s death being taken to court, there will be huge revelations and of course, few interesting entries.

News coming to us is that popular actress Vaishnavi Dhanraj has been roped in for a crucial cameo role in Beyhadh.

As per sources, “Vaishnavi will don the lawyer’s robe and will be the public prosecutor in the Maya murder case.”

Will Vaishnavi’s character succeed in getting Arjun punished?

We buzzed Vaishnavi, but could not get through to her.

Are you also donning the thinking cap along with Vaishnavi to see how Arjun’s fate shapes his life from here?

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