Kanishka Soni is another television actress who is horrified with the death news of Gagan Kang and Arjit Lavania. She worked with Gagan in Hanumaan.

She shares with IndiaWikiMedia: “We used to spend a lot of time together, singing, chatting..he had a great sense of humour. He was a great communicator. He was super intelligent too.”

Kanishka further continues: “Hanumaan sets used to be lively with his presence. But the saddest part is that, if I am not mistaken, he was the only son to his parents. He used to stay with his mother and say, ‘jo kuch bhi hai mom ka hai…mera kuch nahin. I am feeling sad for his mom who had so many dreams for him.”

In closing she says, “My only request to people is please drive slow. Life is more important than work or anything.”