Hina Khan to have an emotional breakdown in the Bigg Boss house | IWMBuzz

Hina will be seen sitting alone, weeping her heart out.

Hina Khan to have an emotional breakdown in the Bigg Boss house

We have seen even the most confident ones having a break down in the controversial house of Bigg Boss.

And today, it is the turn of the extremely popular actress Hina Khan to end up having a breakdown!!

Seated silently in the lawn area after getting into fights with Aakash and Mehjabi, Hina will start crying, literally resulting in a breakdown of sorts.

Yes, for the avid fans of Hina, this episode will be a tear-jerker for sure!!

A credible source says, “Hina will talk about being targeted by all the contestants as she would sob non-stop. She would express unhappiness over Aakash calling her as the ‘controller’ who has been motivating her besties in the house to do the wrong deeds. Hina would also say she has had enough of all of it in the house.”

Well, we have till now seen Hina at her best. And we wonder what is in store for Hina after this emotional breakdown!!

For the uninitiated, Vikas Gupta recently had an emotional breakdown in the house…

We also hear that Hina along with Hiten will be sent to the Kaal Kothari in tonight’s episode.

Are you eager to see how Hina will come out of this low esteem situation? Watch the episode tonight.

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