Anchor of Comedy Circus, Joanna Robaczewska out of the show

Joanna Robaczewska out of Comedy Circus?

Is there a major format change in Sony stand up show, Comedy Circus? Last weekend, we did not see Polish anchor, Joanna Robaczewska. The artists themselves were setting up the link for the next trio to take their place on stage.

Contestant Sana Saeed says, “We have been told that this new experiment is being conducted to see whether audiences like us doubling up as hosts. In a way we are happy, for beading in the anchor links was taking away from our on-stage time. Normally, our performances last around 20/25 minutes, which was being edited to fit into the hour slot. Plus, most importantly, the aim was to make the show a total laugh riot, running seamlessly from one act to the other.”

Can it be that Joanna’s lack of Hindi might not have worked. “Maybe they thought her accent would make audiences laugh and add some more fun. As contestants, we enjoyed her bit, but have no clue about what the home viewers felt.”

Comedy Circus old-time judge, Archana Puran Singh, refused to comment, saying, “It is ironical that I need written permission from the channel to speak about my show.”

We tried to get in touch with Comedy Circus producer, Vipul Shah, but could not get through.

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