Kanwar Dhillon will now be seen enacting a double role for his Star Plus Dopahar show.

Kanwar Dhillon’s contrast ‘double role’ in Star Plus’ Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee

Star Plus’ Dopahar show, Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee produced by SOL and Shoonya Square will see a new development, that will come with the double role playout of the male lead, Kanwar Dhillon!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

The drama related to Shiv’s twin brother will be revealed in the coming episodes!!

News coming in is that Guru Maa (Sharanpreet Kaur) would have had a hand in separating the new born twin kid from the family soon after the birth. The reason being that while Shiv would be a fair child, the other child would have had a dark complexion. Guru Maa upon seeing the kid would have presumed the kid to be inauspicious to the family. Hence she would have announced to the family that while one kid survived, the other kid was born dead.

We hear that the twin brother of Shiv will surface during the engagement ceremony of Shiv with Radhika (Palak Pusarwani).

As per sources, “Kanwar has been given a very different look for the new role. He will be seen with long unkempt hair, with a rather darker complexion. Overall since the person would have been kept captive by Guru Maa for years, he would have a rugged look. Kanwar looks forward to this opportunity as it requires him to play two different roles in one show.”

When contacted, Kanwar told us, “Yes, there is a surprise awaiting my fans. I would not want to get into details though.”

We buzzed Producer Dheeraj Sarna, but did not get any response till we filed the story.

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