Karam Rajpal bid adieu to the show

Karam Rajpal to make an exit from Star Bharat’s Musakaan

Karam Rajpal, who was enthralling audience as Sujoy in Star Bharat’s Musakaan will bid adieu to the show.

With the show gradually moving towards portraying Musakaan (Yesha Rughani) and Raunak (Sharad Malhotra) as principal characters, the show will now see the end of Karam’s part.

The plot will now focus on developing the bond and love between Musakaan and Raunak.

Karam entered the show as Musakaan’s best friend and later went on to become her love interest. However, with Arina Dey aka Aarti’s exit from the show, she takes a promise from Raunak of always protecting her daughter Musakaan.

Now, in the drama, Raunak and Musakaan will re-unite and Sujoy will be killed.

This is how Karam’s character will end.

We buzzed Karam but he remained unavailable for a comment. Producer of the show Rashmi Sharma and channel spokesperson too did not revert to our query.

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