Anu Malik is yet again amidst the #MeToo allegations as Sona Mohapatra and Neha Bhasin are appalled at his return to Indian Idol.

#MeToo hits back at Anu Malik; Sona Mohapatra and Neha Bhasin condemn his return to Indian Idol

Anu Malik, one of the Judges of Indian Idol 11 that beams on Sony TV is yet again at the receiving end after moving out of last edition’s reality show owing to the thumping #MeToo allegations on him.

Well, after nine months, Anu Malik was recalled as Judge of Indian Idol in its present edition. Earlier, he was accused by two female singers who called him ‘pedophile’ and a ‘sexual predator’.

History repeats as fingers point yet again at Anu Malik.

This time Singer Sona Mohapatra criticized the return of Anu on the stage of Indian Idol. In a tweet, she felt bad at the plight of girls, who found it really uncomfortable when in the company of Anu Malik. Sona appreciated Neha Bhasin for her brave way of dealing with the trauma of being victimized by Anu Malik.

To this, Neha too replied on tweet where she called Anu Malik a predator and an ugly pervert.

Check out the series of tweets here.


Is this a sign of alarm for Anu again?

Only time will answer…


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