The artistically designed eatery joint of actor couple Mohit Malik and Addite Malik will come as a happy surprise for all the creatively inclined people.

Mohit Malik and Addite Malik’s new eatery joint to please the ‘creative minds’

Actor Mohit Malik and his actor turned entrepreneur wife Addite Malik are very excited as they are all set to welcoming a new member in their family if we can say that!!

The duo is gearing up for the opening of their new eatery unit in Oshiwara very soon!!

Yes, the two of them who are proud owners of the extremely popular eatery joint in Andheri called Homemade Cafe are on the verge of coming up with their next venture in Mumbai.

Called 1 BHK, the eatery which is to be opened very soon holds a lot of promise and intrigue too.

And opening up on it is Mohit Malik himself as he speaks about his new venture to “We are opening the venture very soon, in one and half weeks from now. We have not yet revealed details about it. But yes, it is another eatery which we are opening. The concept of this is very different which I would not want to reveal now. It is called 1 BHK, we have a great name and once you will know the full form of it, you will understand what it means. W e will reveal the name soon. After Homemade Cafe which is a huge hit in Andheri, Mumbai, this is another eatery coming from us with a bigger space.”

When we enticed him to come out with the concept that makes the place unique, he only said, “I can only say that is it going to be arty. It will be a favorute hangout place for all the creative people. This is what I can say. I will reveal it when the time comes.”

All the best to you both, Mohit and Addite!!

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