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Neha Kakkar who recently got an alliance offer from Udit Narayan for son Aditya Narayan is now getting praised by him. Read to know why.

Neha Kakkar gets PRAISED by Udit Narayan

Neha Kakkar the Judge of Indian Idol 11 has always been of great help to the people who are in need.

Recently, we also wrote about her large heart when she gave out huge money to senior industry person Roshan Sahib who had lost his prime work phase owing to paralysis.

On the stage of Indian Idol 11, Udit Narayan the acclaimed singer took note of this good act of Neha and appreciated her efforts.

We hear that Udit Narayan has seen and heard of Neha’s social deeds and that he feels that she is doing a great job by helping others who are in need.

Udit will also go on to state Neha Kakkar as a huge example and role model and will advise all to help others in any way possible.

We have earlier reported about Udit Narayan and his wife Deepa Narayan getting involved in a fun banter that involved choosing Neha Kakkar as their family bahu for their son Aditya Narayan.

Well, we wonder whether the goodness in Neha will make Udit Narayan really think of getting Neha as his bahu.

Only time will tell that!!

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